The Unappealing Ultra Left

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler in a discussion of the Second Amendment, culture wars, airports, Pete Buttigieg, and Russia’s way of war.

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10 thoughts on “The Unappealing Ultra Left”

  1. Hello Mr Hanson.
    When ever I am afraid for our country, feeling upset, I only need to read the lastest message from you . Thanks for all you do.

  2. Excellent as usual, though I have grown to enjoy the series a bit more when Sami hosts. A minor quibble: As a paid subscriber to this site, and not a user of any software or hardware made by Apple – evil company and modern slaver- I am forlorn at the absolute disregard for comments made here. In my memory, only comments on Apple Podcast are mentioned and read, along with Jack’s admonition to not only use but interact with Apple almost exclusively. I’m curious, do listeners using Apple software pay or subscribe to Professor Hanson’s content? It would be nice to hear comments from those consuming content through direct subbing to VDH….even if they’re not mine. Thanks again, Happy Independence Day friends.


      Yeah, I wish they would look at comments posted here, too, and not just in Apple Podcasts. I don’t use Apple anything.


        [quote]Wes Whitten, how did you get a profile avatar uploaded?[/quote]

        Second that question. I tried and gave up, couldn’t find the way to upload anything but the profile picture.

  3. Theodore Branin

    Victor should do a panel discussion with Jordan Peterson on the effects of various leaders’ personalities, especially military leaders, on the conflicts’ outcomes. I would submit that Ulysses Grant’s major trait was his conscientiousness as it is called by contemporary psychology theorists.

  4. Stephen William Mc Dougall

    Hi Victor,

    Still not getting the Ukraine situation right but you are spot on with the rest of your analysis on the other topics addressed in this podcast.

  5. The John Brown story was right on time.
    We have descended past the issues and now inhabit the land of schadenfreude.
    Take me for instance – let’s just say my view on abortion likely has less intensity than, say, Jack Fowler’s.
    But I have to admit maybe enjoying a drop or two of the left’s salty tears on the Dobbs decision.
    I wonder how many people feel something similar?

  6. david carlson

    Always wondered and tried to guess when slavery would come to a natural end without the civil war. Really a very interesting topic. Hundreds of thousands more men to go west. Men from the north getting territory without slaves, men from the south getting territory with slaves. Instead of one great war there might have been lots of smaller territorial wars. The south would have been able to have economic success on the backs of slaves. The north would have different means of economic success.
    But the 1920 guess of slavery failing is really interesting.

    1. The real question (I think)is how psychologically necessary a part was slavery to the Southern cultural system. Could the hierarchy of the Old South exist without it? People will ignore economic advantage if it’s perceived as a threat to the existence of a culture’s core values.

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