The Twitter Files Testimonies

On this episode, listen as Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler discuss Michael Caine’s performance in the 1964 war film Zulu, the Twitter Files hearings on Capitol Hill and the insanity of President Biden‘s $6.8 trillion proposed budget.

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6 thoughts on “The Twitter Files Testimonies”


    Today, on St. Patrick’s Day, to have “Garryowen” as the podcast theme music is particularly appropriate.

    “On St. Patrick’s Day, everyone is a little Irish.
    Except the Swedes.
    They’re still Swedes.”

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Professor and Jack!

  2. Pompeo??? Again with mentioning that traitorous snake?? What is it with you and this guy? He IS the problem! Please explain this to me. I get friendship and such, but c’mon, really? We are living in the cia and doj that Pompeo and Barr made. Inexcusable.

  3. Victor and Jack,
    You are spot on about the need for righting this ship. If conservatives fail to do so in the coming months and years, all will be lost. External and internal corrupt forces are well funded and they have a game plan. At best we’re left to be on the defensive, and republican politicians are not always willing to fight. The common person who speaks up is singled out as an “enemy”. Jack, for St. Patrick’s Day thank you for sharing the Irish tune which gave me a smile on what would have been my dad’s 89th birthday.

  4. I do NOT know why Republicans are so OUT OF IT? I get that “WE USED TO” just turn the page, but now were goin down the slippery slope of NOT moving on and NOT caring while we watch the US literally fall apart. Not sure how long Ive been mentioning the only thing that saves this country is a CIVIL WAR, but at some point when this SLIPPERY SLOPE has become a 175 degree angle that has slid using baby steps from the 91 degree angle maybe THEN people will start to say HEY THEYRE STEALING AMERICA!? NO SHIT SHERLOCK!

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