The Transmogrification of Biden

VDH and Jack Fowler Talk about Biden’s political collapse, the left’s obsession with voting rights, and Hillary Clinton resurfacing.

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12 thoughts on “The Transmogrification of Biden”

  1. Victor, as a New Testament Greek exegete, I respect your hard work to learn ancient languages so that you could understand history. I appreciate your ability to recognize common historical trends and threads that run through different civilizations. That being said, I find myself confused by what seems to be compromises with the evil wokeness that is in control of the levers of power as I write. Your description of the southern states as racist rebels when they had the legal right to secede appears to be sucking up to the globalist race baiters at best. Say it ain’t so! Are you required to bend the knee to continue on the air? How about your discussion of the last presidential election as if it was legit? You and every objective person knows that it was not but like Fox News, you say nothing about it, pretending that the absurd count of the Soros elected officials who broke election laws, is legit. Is that a strategy to retain credibility with the progressive media to avoid being cancelled? Like Trump and the Republican politicians who allow confusion about what happened to continue, you speak wisely around the edges but avoid the real issues. And its not that you owe any of us anything Victor but perhaps you might show us the courtesy of making it clear where you stand on these issues. Are you a patriot, willing to sacrifice for our nation or just another commentator making a living?

    1. Geesh. R.L. Dabney much? If you have been listening, Sir, you do in fact know precisely where Dr. Hanson stands on all the issues from the Slave-Holders’ Treasonous Rebellion to the late election. Such circumlocution, Sir, befits neither a Gentleman nor a Christian. You would do well, Sir, to make your challenge frankly with the offer of pistols at twelve paces or else retire, Sir, to your studies of demotic Greek.

  2. JohnG007 reminds me of my Dad. He lives in a very wealthy area and spends his time talking to valets, dog walkers and the homeless who are just down on their luck. He grew up poor in a rich neighborhood and pulled himself up by his bootstraps-first to go to college and all that. He could have a lot more money than he does but he keeps giving it away like his immigrant grandparents taught him to. I don’t know if I’ll see his like again when he’s gone (God grant him and Mom many more years! ) Tri-costal elites have only themselves to blame if they’re schmucks.


    Every time I hear it said that Biden was elected as a unifier, I ask myself, “Who thought he would be a unifier?” Anyone who has watched him over the course of his career as a politician should have seen through anything Biden said about himself. He has always shown himself a liar, not bright, a jerk, and talented only at using his offices to enrich himself.
    That we could elect him shows that we’ve reached that point that Franklin implied in his reply to Mrs. Powel at the close of the convention, “A republic, ma’am, if you can keep it.” We’re no longer mature enough to function in a constitutional republic.

  4. This particular podcast finally compel me to buy a year subscription on this website. If I have half Victor’s brain, I’d be able to recite most of his arguments on any given issue for the past 5 years. That’s how much I read and listen to his stuff. Unfortunately, I don’t. I think it’s the first time I heard Victor advise young people who wants to go into politic to run as a Democrat. If anyone wants to run for office, they’d have a much easier time as a Democrat. If things don’t work out, at least your life won’t be destroyed. I have only learn what RINO is recently, but curiously why there is no DINO? LOL

    1. Every dictionary I look in has an “r” in transmogrification. Not that google is always correct but it doesn’t have the word without the “r”. I’m going to have to leave it. The next person made this observation too. I can’t find it online without the “r.” Let me know where you are finding it with the “r”.

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