The Traditionalist: Why Does the Left Hate Israel?

Victor Davis Hanson // Private Papers

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6 thoughts on “The Traditionalist: Why Does the Left Hate Israel?”

  1. Hadassah M Cohen

    Jews are a Particularist People, not mass wad joiner uppers. They don’t require other people to join them to think they are doing well. They don’t proselytize. The left, which is made up of mass joiners, who run constant popularity contests. This doesn’t bode well for Jews.
    Then there are the ridiculous Jew Hate Academics who have poisoned this Country…nothing but Fascists. And they believe Arab Palestinians fake history (they forget that the Turks were large and in charge, nonetheless that there was a bit of a ruckus called WW1) and narrative, because it does sync with the basic european acculturated Jew Hate. Always willing to think the worst of Jews, and like dogs to vomit, always willing to see what isn’t there.

  2. Charles Clock

    Easy: political ideology.
    In brief, the left like Islam and Marx combine religion and the state, where its pronouncements and policies are “right” and therefore any different view is “wrong”. The individual swears allegiance to the state as its moral authority.
    Jews moral authority is God, not Israel. This is unacceptable and a threat to leftist ideology.

  3. Mr. Hanson, you are a courageous, truthful and well spoken gentlemen. Your views and interpretations are well received. THANK YOU!

  4. Doug Mayfield

    The nihilist left which, as opposed to decades ago, is now most of the left wing, hates and fears freedom and individual rights and seeks to destroy both wherever they find them as part of the left’s desperate attempt to impose a soclalist police state both here in America and world wide. Israel is the one country in the MIddle East in which there is significant respect for freeodm and individual rights so the left attacks Israel as part of its assault on both. The left has formed an alliance with their ‘blood brothers and sisters’ (pun intended), the Palestinians and cheap malevolent fanatical thugs running Iran, to adveance the cause of tyranny in the Middle East.

  5. Gary Westgeest

    Dear Victor,
    You are a national treasure. And I say that as a Canadian! Simply don’t know how you keep so many irons in the fire!

  6. God bless you, Mr. Hanson! I’ve been a fan for years and, as a Jew, I thank you for standing up for US Jews and Israel. Thank you! And God bless you!

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