The Traditionalist: Puzzling Puzzles

Listen in as Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler discuss the Notre Dame Cathedral’s Woke, De Blasio’s policy disasters, China’s military spending, Nunes’ decision to leave Congress, Harris’ staff quitting, and the return of the “happy” 1970s.

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9 thoughts on “The Traditionalist: Puzzling Puzzles”

  1. Description of episode is incorrect. The Cathedral of Notre Dame is in Paris, France not the University of Notre Dame. The episode should be titled:

    “Listen in as Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler discuss proposed Woke renovations of the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, France…

  2. With an interest in small round the world ports, it sounds like China is following the British Imperial playbook. China’s never tried that in either the modern or pre-modern eras. It looks like they’re headed down the same road as Japan circa 1911-1945: copy the colonizers and recover “face” supposedly lost by foreign incursions of the prior century. We need to find the moral courage (and proper post-colonial neo-Marxist post-structuralist theory we’re so good at applying to ourselves) to call the CCP what it is: A Racist, Misogynist, Imperialist, Fascist, Empire with designs to colonize the non-Han “other” for raw materials and markets for their goods. It’s also time to start reading up. Jonathan D. Spence has a wonderfully readable selection of books on various eras of Chinese history (don’t start with The Gate of Heavenly Peace!). Harry S. Gelber’s The Dragon and the Foreign Devils is a great intro to the flow of historical Chinese foriegn policy. Iris Chang’s The Rape of Nanking gives you a gut wrenching sense of where China’s implacable hostility toward Japan comes from. The classics of Chinese literature and philosophy are all available in cheep translations from Confucius and Sun Tzu down to Mao.
    P.s. Jack, if I lived in Milford I’d be like a pillar in the temple of God: I would never leave it -not even for New York.

  3. Funny that Jack kept leading Victor off of subject each time the professor started quoting Heather Macdonald-type statistics on race and crime. Twice, by my count, Mr. Fowler immediately interrupted to steer the conversation away from the topic. I love Jack, but was disappointed in this, as well as the nervousness in his voice when addressing the subject.

  4. Great interview and scary too. The USA needs to join together fast before
    the world burns down. The left virus is being is mutating beyond our cities
    into the suburbs.
    Mr Victor Davis Hanson is right on course.

  5. Hi Fox News & Tucker, I sent a email last year to CDC — have you. America lost 25, 000 died from the flue – just the Alley – Flue, did you know this. I didn’t until I sent this email asking for info. This new one out of Africa, is just that – one dead and one in the hospital?? To make it simple – America loses 109 killed by car accidents each day OR 170 die from drug over dose each and every day. I don’t see our government shutting down our highways???? But they do what to shut our schools down – why – The largest union in America — can’t handle it?? The teachers are afraid of the kids – who are almost immune from it?? Check the kids deaths??? How sad?? We went through WW2 at 270 killed a day for 48 months – but thats not todays issue?? No power gain there?? Thanks.,
    Kendall Bennett, Mesa., Az., 85203 —

    Born long Beach, Ca. – Signal Hill – May 22, 1931 – may day was making 8 cents an hour?

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