The Traditionalist: Of Political Things in November

Listen in as Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler discuss Joe Biden’s lies, Trump’s future in politics, Tuesday Nov. 2 elections, the trillion-dollar social spending bill, and Winsome Sears election as Lt. Gov. of Virginia.

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3 thoughts on “The Traditionalist: Of Political Things in November”

  1. Are we sure the Dems’ war against fossil fuels and police is driven by ideology? Or are they punishing their enemies / extorting money under an ideological veneer?

  2. Listen to this man! His “sober and judicious” insights are rooted in empirical data and “muscular” common sense.

  3. I simply love VDH – To think that he runs a farm surrounded by immigrants of questionable pedigree and work/life ethic – is amazing. Then he writes a spectacular doorstop tome about every other year where he teaches us about our humanity. Pelosi is a vegetable compared to him, Just stop watering her. A “cretin” would be a compliment because it is Latin and she probably thinks it is Mexican. She keeps reliving the explosion of the Hindenburg via her overstretched remaining face and every time she voices an opinion, I prefer my neighbor’s cat.

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