The Traditionalist: Living in the Real World

Victor Davis Hanson and Jack Fowler look at the MIA or misled Cabinet secretaries, Dave Chappelle’s criticisms of Woke, China’s evil eye on Taiwan, and a political wrap up. Should the Democrats fear unpopular policy in the next election?

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4 thoughts on “The Traditionalist: Living in the Real World”

  1. I love listening VDH and consider him one of the most reliable Americans
    As an amateur historian, I find everything that VDH says backed by fact and clear thinking!! Jack, I also love listening to the Gary Owen as a theme song. The song itself conjures up feelings of American History that I find intriguing. Ted Samsell

  2. Mr. Hanson: Thank you for you efforts in this nesting-doll war…. I enjoy your appearances on the diligent and charming people on Fox News. With that, I thought I would share some quoted passages that unmistakably speak to the issues, if with prescience. … Respectfully/ David Loring, York County, Pennsylvania

    Corruption is the expression of a threatening anarchy among the instincts and of the fact that the foundation of the affects, which is “life” has been shaken: corruption is something totally different depending on the organism in which it appears. When, for example, an aristocracy, like that of France at the beginning of the revolution, throws away its privileges with a sublime disgust and sacrifices self to extravagance of its own moral feelings, that is corruption… Friedrich Nietzsche, 10/15/1844-8/25/1900: -From, beyond Good and Evil (1886), Section 258, p. 392. (Transl., Walter Kaufman (7/1/1921-9/4/1980))

    “Today, conversely, when only the herd animal receives and dispenses honors in Europe, when “equality of rights” could all too easily be changed into equality in violating rights-I mean, into a common war on all that is rare, strange, privileged, the higher man, the higher soul, the higher duty, the higher responsibility, and the abundance of creative power and masterful this-today the concept of greatness entails being noble, wanting to be by oneself, being able to be different, standing alone and having to live independently…. And the philosopher will

  3. Another wonderful show with Victor and Jack. So many topics with insightful comments from Mr Hanson. Victor’s comments near the end led me to leave something personal here. My daughter , husband and 11 year old grandson got Covid a few weeks ago. He brought it from school and his parents got it. He had
    a very mild case but our daughter was very sick in ICU for 6 days and had a 50% chance of dying and thank goodness she is better and back to teaching. Her husband is still sick but on the mend. They were and still are totally against the vaccines and she is willing to give up teaching and her pension if necessary but so far she is still teaching. My husband and I had the vaccine 6 months ago and are not sure about a booster. Everyone should have a choice and what the current people in power are doing is so very wrong. We are hoping and praying that the 2022 election will push our country back towards the past 4 years.

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