Victor Davis Hanson Show

The Traditionalist: Calling Out the Elite

Join VDH and cohost Jack Fowler as they examine the matters of General Milley, nuclear pacts, border crisis, economic stagnation, and Minaj’s message of COVID misinformation.

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6 thoughts on “The Traditionalist: Calling Out the Elite”

  1. Hanson approaches Thomas Sowell as our nation’s greatest living philosopher and social commentator. His knowledge amazes and it is always rewarding to hear his commentary and ideas.

  2. Poor Jack,
    It’s a fac’
    He had to yak
    ‘Bout Niki Minaj.
    But in her day,
    Won political applause.

    Wrote speeches
    Before Phryne packed
    The beaches
    Helping with
    Athenian laws.

    So yak on
    Vic and Jack!
    We’ll keep coming
    With plaudits
    And never guffaws.

  3. Please run for president you are the smartest most respectful down to earth man I have ever seen. I am 75 and have seen them all. You can change the world. With much respect. Tom Hadley

  4. Victor…tell the mega group and the establishment group…….THEY must unite at least temporarily to beat democrats in elections…THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT

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