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The Traditionalist: A Reckoning Is Coming

Listen in as Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler discuss the Rittenhouse verdict in depth, the Left’s overreach, COVID truths, and the political polls that show increasingly citizens dislike the Left agenda.

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6 thoughts on “The Traditionalist: A Reckoning Is Coming”

  1. Dr. Hanson, unfortunately state universities are under pressure to dumb-down their STEM programs in order to graduate more underrepresented minority students. As an engineering professional the results of this modus operandi of quantity over quality is sad. For example a sampling of recent state school hires includes: One individual who sat at her chair and stared out the window all day, another would be assigned work and immediately gave it draftsmen to figure it out and then would chat online and text on her phone all day, one person would wait until 4 pm to start working, leave at 5 and then pull 24 hour overtime to finish his work which was without exception incomplete, sloppy and wrong. Inevitably these individuals would rely on their “excuse” skills to get them out of trouble and graduated from the same institution. Most never lasted longer than 6 months with our firm, the “talker” of the bunch lasted 2 years. I asked one young man who struggled but meant well how he made it through engineering school and he said if you showed up for every lecture you would get a ‘C’. I would qualify that not all state schools practice this system and ultimately it really is up to the individual. Sad truth is it is only a matter of time before these Third-World practices ruin our nation for ever.

  2. I was anticipating your thoughts on Japans serious discussions on changing their pacifist constitution. I havent heard the media even mention it. This should be front page! This is HUGE! The efforts and goals of the greedy, grifting, psychopathic, traitorous Deep State continues to destabilize America and the world. And the Houthis bombing Saudi Arabia after the Deep State lifted President Trumps sanctions on them???? HUGE.

  3. When I hear you on television I rush to the screen. You’re a brilliant thinker and a wonderful man. Hope to hear more from you on Facebook. God Bless America.

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