The Traditionalist: 20 Years Later

Victor and Jack discuss the recent disasters in US policy on the eve of 911 in Afghanistan and on the vaccination. Is the whole policy untenable?

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1 thought on “The Traditionalist: 20 Years Later”

  1. The Left does not care one bit about social issues. That’s their cover to distract and rile nuts up. They want to drain the Treasury and use America. Their behavior is psychopathic. I am not name calling. I believe this. They are people who will do anything for money. Let’s stop the pretense of social justice. Only 18% of black students can read at a fourth grade level. Whites, about 46%. Beyond belief. The Teachers Union is also greedy, immoral and incompetent. They partner with the Dems to keep their gravy train going. Any idiot can be a teacher and it shows. The Dems also encourage black anhialation. They promote violence and want to keep it going. And they love to see it affecting whites and Asians who are also targets. Destruction, chaos and theft. That’s the Left. By the way, how did all those anonymous, dangerous, poor Afghans get to the airport if OUR people couldn’t? I think they were rounded up in advance and brought to the airport. Treason! I have not seen one white, black, Asian or hispanic face interviewed. I thought we brought Americans home? This is just a Totalitarian takeover to bleed America dry. People always reference the Nazis and ask how the Germans could have allowed that, etc. Its happening now. Why haven’t Biden and his goons been arrested and jailed awaiting trial? No elected representatives or military officers care. All corrupt.

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