The Traditionalist: 1984 Redux

Victor Davis Hanson // Art19 and Just the News

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7 thoughts on “The Traditionalist: 1984 Redux”

  1. Charles Romer

    Please publish the name of the host (or interviewer whatever you prefer to call it) in the website and the email so I can avoid some of the more off-putting ones.

    Fix the audio image so it is big enough to use and
    fix it so it does not need bars to open or spread it
    and fix it so that when it is paused it remembers where it was when play is resumed.

    All-in-all the mechanics of the site do not measure up to the quality of the commentator. Amateurish in the extreme.


    Given the age demographic most hit by COVID are we sure that China still has an aging population problem? I wouldn’t put it past the CCP to engineer it and release it on their own citizens, for “the Greater Good”.

  3. So true. This is not our father’s left-wing revolution. But to counteract it, we need to out think the evil-doers by thinking like them! Maybe the lessons of past revolutions don’t apply this time around but in your wise opinion, should we study how revolutions have been squelched or thwarted in past history to arrive at a plan to stop these modern day tyrannical Marxists? They seem to be using a combination of Orwell and Marx and Naziism and the CCP and Alinsky and even Hollywood (Jan 6th) as a playbook. What ‘teachers’ or lessons can we learn from history to give us a peaceful, lawful but effective “anti-leftist” game plan?

  4. Carolee Wilson

    I just listened to The Traditionalist: 1984 Redux. As usual I enjoyed it immensely. At the end Jack mentions it can be found on Just The News. Since I like to share these on social media (I don’t use any of the big ugly monsters shown above), i looked for it there. They have a wide range of podcasts, but alas yours in not amoung them. You might want to check into that if you were expecting them to be there.

  5. VDH goes on filling the truth void that is the MSM. You don’t need to demean yourself by listening to the warped CNN or MSNBC agenda-driven propaganda. Hanson exposes them for the venal charlatans that they are, setting the world to rights. This is better than the news, even if the news were objective (which it isn’t), this is wisdom, foresight, hindsight, perspective.
    Getting Mike Pompeo to do the ads adds a touch of humour.

  6. Hector D Lott

    Great thinker and we must do all we can to propagate his interpretation of current affairs. No other person I know so well versed on the culture, and the depth of knowledge Victor accompany his commentary with. Thank you Dr. Hanson

  7. Most of what you complain of is not in the control of Mr. Hanson nor WordPress. Individual podcast providers that host limit options in an attempt to lure users into a paid subscription. Is that what you would like to see here? Commentary locked behind a pay wall?

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