The Tipping Point

Listen in as Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler explain Al Sharpton’s exploits, the Democratic Party’s fix and its moves going forward, and finally Ibram X. Kendi’s racist ideas that lack basis and cause hate crimes.

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11 thoughts on “The Tipping Point”

  1. I have listened to every podcast since the beginning of Covid while I walk every day.
    This is the very best–so far…leaving room for beyond perfect!
    VDH is absolutley correct when he says Kendi is extremely dangerous and has incited a lot of violence. Kendi is also LAZY. The hard part of improving life for Blacks and other “oppressed minorities” is through education-which begins with school choice. Then comes encouraging two parent families. Lastly comes hard work and accepting responsibility for actions.
    VDH’s perspective on how quickly our country had to fight to abolish slavery (73 years after the Declaration of Independence) showcased the absurdity of Kendi’s premise.
    And his parting words of respecting everyone as an individual will always ring in my ears. To save America, we must stop class warfare and stuffing people into groups.
    Thank you VDH for expanding this grandmother’s utlook on life and on our wonderful country.

  2. After listening to Victor, Jack and sami for over a year I have become a more, as Victor likes to say, sober and judicious person! Mom would be pleased….
    Also these podcasts have revealed much about the personalities of the hosts. How nice it would be if they were neighbors talking over the back yard fence…. I really like them as people and not just fascinating observers of history and culture….. Good work and continue to be all our smart and kind audio friends…

  3. MLK-liberal Victor Davis Hanson admits once again that he facilitated the second-class citizen treatment of his white classics students while helping minorities leap over them.

    In earlier podcasts he has complained that the Hispanics he helped then turned on him, adopting Spanish surnames and Woke values, as well as despising “gringo oppressors” like him and the few Okies who couldn’t get the scholarships they actually deserved.

    Thanks for collaborating with a corrupt system, Professor. When are you going to apologize for aiding and abetting reverse discrimination out of your risibly naive liberal magnanimity?

    You escaped the consequences of your MLK-loving ideological foolishness, but how about all the white students who had to settle for second-rate schools and deferred dreams like the young fellow you advised not to try to become a classics professor?

    Your racial liberalism helped get America to this current sorry state of affairs. As with your support for the Second Iraq War, you owe your readers a groveling apology for advocating it.

    1. You like judging people by groups, Suh. Perhaps you will be so kind as to plot yourself on the old intersectionality chart so Victor can make like demands for said apologies and groveling. What say you, suh? Pistols at 20 paces? I am sure we can find you suitable equipment, suh, if you require it.

  4. Professor Hanson commits the common deliberate liberal’s obfuscation while speaking about the Civil War during his podcast on Monday. He conflates the concept of slavery with blacks. It’s a devious bit of rhetorical sleight-of-hand.

    Yes, it’s true those 19th Century Michigan farm boys, Ohio blacksmiths and Vermont peddlers agreed to join the Union Army, go South and burn down the plantations of the slaveholders. They found slavery abhorrent and against the Bible.

    But if that recruiting officer you mentioned had told those young men that in addition to freeing the slaves like Moses did that they would then have to live next door to blacks and send their sons and daughters to school with them — well Professor, I’d wager that those farm boys would have shot the Union recruiting officer, hung him and then set him on fire.

    Slavery was one thing. Blacks were another. Please don’t confuse the two the way the radical Abolitionists, the Woke of their time, tried to do.

    Most Northerners in 1861-5 likely thought that once freed the black ex-slaves would be handled just like the Red Indian was: pushed west until he was out of sight and out of mind. (The liberals of the time like Lincoln had a silly dream about settling them in Africa.)

    Nobody was inviting him to settle among them. And you know it.


      Please explain how Hanson is a liberal. In which sense? Is he a classic Western liberal, which means that by today’s standards, he is a conservative? Is he a liberal in the modern American sense, meaning he supports a level of State interference in the individual’s life, to a degree the founders would have called tyrannical, as a remedy for perceived wrongs?
      Just want to understand your glossary.

  5. Dawn M Vasquez

    Looking back on election 2020…we see that things were happening months prior to voting day….we also now know that those events cost us the election.
    What should Republicans be doing now in preparation for midterms and 2024..???
    Please answer on air so we can take action and hear your response.

    Thank you…

    Wisconsin friends.

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