The Timing of Trump’s Trial and Energy Wars

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc for another news roundup covering Biden’s aliases, the timing of Trump’s trials, environmentalists and native-American drilling in the West, and a short tribute to “Joe the Plumber.”

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5 thoughts on “The Timing of Trump's Trial and Energy Wars”

  1. It is easy to say people need not to use pseudonyms. But watching how leftist ruin people since the time of Joe McCarthy and Anita Bryant. One has not heard about regular people who have been destroyed.

    But we are watching local people destroyed by the left everyday.

    You have options most of us don’t.

    1. This is worse than Treason it’s a deliberate attack on our nation and our Constitution to destroy make our country into a third world nation.

  2. One thing to consider when pondering the recruitment problem in the services is the mandated vaccination. If you go back to January 2021, you will find an article about two SEALs who suffered heart attacks the day after completing Hell Week. One died. Other officers in other branches have fought the mandate and published their stories. It is pretty clear that the administration regards those who service as nothing but cannon fodder, useful for demonstrating their willingness to suffer “proportional” casualties when fighting tyrants, but otherwise of no significance. The vaccination program was a light shining in the darkness, and amplified the nonsense spewed by MIlley and Gilday.

  3. Professor Hanson, you’ve been mentioning that you intend to start discussions on the great classic works, starting with Homer’s Iliad. Which version will you be using; Lattimore, Faegels, Pope, Fitzgerald etc? Thank you

  4. Victor has stated that the Left will continue their warfare through the legal system and will not stop unless they experience similar punitive treatment. (They also use protesting, riots, looting, arson, firings from employment, ostracism, vilification, lying, shaming, media propaganda etc.)

    I’m not in favor of treating them the same way and think that conservatives in general do not use their methods and ethics. From a human level, I have thought that people just need better information but society is so steeped in a Democrat worldview that I find it hard to be persuasive with those I know.

    I have pointed out on a previous podcast that Democrat values are largely anti-biblical. Everything from idealized environmentalism to transgenderism to homosexuality to abortion to illegal immigration to stratified racism etc.

    It seems that this leftist revolution revolts against the Bible’s values and so is a revolution against God.

    I’ve thought that the irrationality and perversion of our culture follows the pattern set in Romans chapter one. When people fail to acknowledge God, He leaves them to themselves and they experience the sinfulness of their own heart.

    My hope is that God will be merciful to our country so that conservatives can win more elections, especially the upcoming presidential. But if our society is truly experiencing the wrath of divine abandonment then we all suffer regardlessly. May we all repent from our sins and seek Christ.

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