The Timid Generation

Try to imagine Franklin Roosevelt or Ronald Reagan caving in to North Korea.

by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online


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6 thoughts on “The Timid Generation”

  1. Sometimes, observing Presidents has one wondering whether one could possibly be wise enough or experienced enough to actually serve in that office, and, at other times, that observation merely confirms the real possibility that even the village idiot could win the job.

  2. Perhaps in retirement Obama will have his own consulting firm with the following clients: North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, Russia, ISIL…and any other “misunderstood” country…he has 2 more years to line those up

  3. It is a matter of common observation that the younger the person, the more likely he is to be a gutless wonder. And that seems to be encouraged by feminists.

    It is seen in the small as in the large. I have encountered students who were afraid to hook up a 1.5 V dry cell. I would mock them by holding the cell by its two terminals (actually dry skin is a good resistor) but they were beyond shame.

    I do know some younger people who have plenty of courage and tenacity,thank God!! But they are not encouraged. The proliferation of lawyers (kill a lawyer for Christ) leads to institutional cowardice

    Aristotle was correct about courage being the master virtue. It is in fact the virtue which enables all the other virtues. The worst thing one can say about the present era is that courage is FEARED.

  4. There is something seriously wrong with my generation-the flower generation. They elected Obama to the Presidency-a man whose actions and words indicated that he has no emotional feeling for the USA whatsoever. Nothing seems to stir him-not Lexington-Concord, not Normandy, nothing. The only thing he seems to delight in, is the denigration of this country. And yet, my generation elected him. They also elected de Blasio Mayor of NYC! And here’s a man who has already dismantled a search policy of the Police that has been shown to have reduced crime in that city, dismantled a program to keep on eye on radical muslims in the New York area, and finally, has encouraged violence against that city’s policemen by his idiotic remarks. But my generation put this idiot into office. And my generation embraces multiculturalism and immigration policies, along with other just plain stupid ideas (Global Warming), all of which serve to diminish the power and success of the US. What the Hell happened? How can so many people behave in such an irresponsible and immature manner? BTW…The Mortal Storm was a good book and film! No such courage exists among the 60’s “loons”.

  5. The feminist attack on men and the misandrous laws that Obama pushed to establish Kangeroo courts on college campuses that deprive young men of due process very well may be the last straw for this long time Democrat…. Very disillusioned with the two party choice these days.

  6. The feminists’ new rules about sexual assault accusation apply right up until the accuser is named Juanita Broaddrick and the alleged perpetrator is named Bill Clinton.

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