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  1. Thomas O'Brien

    Thank you, Victor. You are the very first public figure that I have heard that even suggested the possibility that the FISA court, itself, was in on the “Russia, Russia, Russia Hoax” (6:35). In other words that they were not duped as so often assumed, but rather complicit.

    Personally, I have long wondered why they would be assumed to be immune to weaponization (i.e., corruption) when so many other of our traditionally venerated institutions clearly were not (i.e., FBI, DOJ, CIA).

    Hopefully, as the congressional hearings methodically peel back the “onion layers” we will learn more on this, if such corruption, as I suspect, actually exists.

  2. Thank you for going back to your weekly history lesson. It’s needed and much appreciated. I love it.

    There is literally nothing new under the sun with Trump. Either they destroy him before he becomes president again and destroy them. It has been a 7 long years battle against our beloved president.

  3. Gustave Adolf (Lutheran), was famous for supplying his troops so as to avoid rape and pillage. Mecklenburg was the most ruthless and would trash his own Catholic territory if he thought it would give him an advantage. Calvism was in southern France, some of the English and their Puritan colonies and the Netherlands. The German Protestants were overwhelmingly Lutheran as well as the Swedes. Gustave went to his death singing Luther’s Ein Feste Burg ist Unser Gott. The Dutch hymn We Gather Together to Ask the Lord’s Blessing was penned to celebrate Orange’s victory over the Catholic Spanish.

  4. One more: when Gustave was killed, his second in command rode down the pinned Protestant ranks shouting “Swedes! They have killed your King!”. An English observer reported that the Swedes were so enraged that they charged the Catholic ranks beating their bewildered opponents to death with their helmets and choking them with their bare hands. Wallenstein (Mecklenburg) was assassinated over the debacle. The whole thing would make a great film. Imagine marching into the smoke and hail off shot ringing off iron breastplate while thousands of voices rise above the din: “dost ask who that may be? Christ Jesus it is He. The Lord of Armies his name, from age to age the same, He holds the field forever!”

  5. hummusandhistory

    I am disappointed. The Thirty Years’ War did not get its well deserved 30 minutes in the podcast. Could Victor Victor perhaps get back to the Thirty Years’ War in another podcast ? Or at least elaborate on the smaller Eighty Years’ War in the same era?

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