The Strange Pandemic of ‘White’ Disparagement

Victor Davis Hanson
American Greatness

One of the tenets of the early civil rights movement some 65 years ago was ending racial stereotyping.

When Martin Luther King, Jr. called for emphasizing the “content of our character” over “the color of our skin,” the subtext was “stop judging people as a faceless collective on the basis of their superficial appearance and instead look to them as individuals with unique characters.”

It is tragic that King’s plea for an integrated, assimilated society, in which race became incidental, not essential to our personas, has mostly been abandoned by the Left in favor of racial stereotyping, collective guilting, and scapegoating by race and gender.

Indeed, many of the old Confederate pathologies—fixation on racial essence, obsession with genealogy, nullification of federal laws, states’ rights, and segregated spaces and ceremonies—are now rehabilitated by woke activists.

In that larger landscape, the collective adjective and noun “white” now has also been redefined and mainstreamed as a pejorative to the point of banality.

“White” followed by a string of subsequent oppressive nouns—“rage,” “supremacy,” “privilege”—has become a twitch on campus. Diversity, equity, and inclusion deans and provosts cannot write a memo, issue a communique, or sign a directive without a reference to “white” something or other.

Like the mysterious omnipresence of transgenderism in popular culture, all of a sudden, the obsession with whites as a Satanic collective has become a national fad—a pet-rock or hula-hoop-like collective madness.

Yet such an addiction remains bizarre in a variety of ways. Millions in the present are now to be libeled as oppressors by the contemporary self-described oppressed—supposedly for what some whites who are mostly now dead once did to now mostly dead others.

Yet what does “white” really mean anymore? Is it an adjective or noun indicating color? Culture? Race? Ethnicity? Is white defined as three-quarters, one-half, or one-quarter paleness? Is it an overarching state of mind that encompasses both “Duck Dynasty” and “The West Wing”?

Certainly, in a multiracial, intermarried nation, with 50 million residents not even born in America, the term is a construct that can mean almost anything and thus nothing much at all.

Hispanics are often lumped in with other “marginalized” peoples as part of the vast diversity coalition. Yet most Latinos are indistinguishable from Italian-, Arab-, Greek- or Portuguese-Americans, who, in turn, are all usually considered part of the “white” majority. Does a mere accent mark or trilled “R” transmogrify a blue-eyed Argentinian-American into the preferred nonwhite, diversity collective?

In our crazy racially categorized society, had George Zimmerman just adopted his maternal surname Mesa and Hispanicized George to Jorge, then a “Jorge Mesa” might not have been so easily demonized as what the New York Times slurred as a “white” Hispanic following his deadly confrontation with Trayvon Martin in 2012.

The controversial City University of New York firebrand and graduation speaker Fatima Mousa Mohammed recently railed against capitalism, Zionism, Israel—and, of course, “white supremacy.” Yet she herself is whiter than white. She is now an elite with a law degree. Is she then a beneficiary of “white privilege”? Or do her radical politics trump skin color and earn her exemption?

Is a snarly, divisive Joe Biden, barking at the moon about “ultra-MAGA” and “semi-fascist” white monsters, then, not a purveyor and beneficiary of white supremacy by virtue of his woke politics?

I know a lot of white mechanics, forklift drivers, and assembly workers. I have never heard one employ one of Biden’s racial putdowns like “boy” or “junkie.” Do they enjoy white privilege in some way the Biden family consortium does not—despite Joe’s past fulsome praise of iconic segregationists or his Corn-Pop fables of black youth petting his golden hairs on his sun-tanned white legs, or Hunter’s taboos about dating Asian women?

“The View’s” Sonny Hostin has created a mini-career in imaging all the ways in which she can smear “white” women as demonic (“White women, in particular, want to protect this patriarchy”) as she thinks up new Hitlerian gas metaphors of dehumanization, such as white women resembling “roaches voting for Raid.”

When the media wishes to attack black conservatives like Larry Elder, it now can call them “white supremacists.” When it wishes to warp the news for its woke agendas, it assures us that a Latino mass-murderer was a “white supremacist” and then, in Pavlovian fashion, academics follow with essays assuring us that their “research” proves Hispanics too can be white supremacists.

The creation of false racial identities is an accurate touchstone of perceived collective racialized privilege. “Passing” for white in the racist days of Jim Crow reflected a means of escaping racist segregation and discrimination for blacks.

Now the increasing trend of whites seeking to pass for nonwhites—Elizabeth Warren, Ward Churchill, Rachel Dolezal—reflects a self-interested and careerist assessment that nonwhite status is advantageous.

In college admissions, are applicants more likely to massage a non-white or white identity for perceived advantage? Is the racist ossified “one-drop rule” or “one-sixteenth” genealogy now rebooted as helpful proof of proving white or nonwhite heritage?

Then we come to the absurdity of lumping together 330 million diverse Americans, with ancestries that are often quite antithetical—Serbians and Albanians, Turks and Armenians, Israelis and Syrians, Germans and French. Are all these ancient antagonists reduced now to white automatons of a sinister collective borg?

Arrive as an immigrant from Hungary or Estonia, and—presto!—you are culpable for creating supposed monsters of the past like Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln, whose statues must be toppled or defaced? Arrive the same day from Oaxaca and you are somehow exempt from such reparatory burdens?

Immigration, at least, is immune from the academic perversion of research, and simply reflects realities on the ground. Millions of immigrants instinctively vote with their feet. We are told the U.S. current population is 67 percent to 70 percent “white” while yearly immigrants, legal and illegal, may total upwards of 90 percent nonwhite.

But how is this paradox possible? Given the loud global warnings about “white rage” and “white supremacy,” why would millions of nonwhites risk their lives to reach a country where they would be assured of being subservient to “white privilege”?

Can it instead be true that they simply do not believe what media and political elites tell them, given they have learned from prior immigrants that far from being at risk, they will have opportunities impossible in their native countries?

Do not new arrivals risk their lives to enter the United States because they rightly assume that a so-called white majority country strangely, unlike their own tribal homelands in China or Mexico, does not fixate on race but instead encourages those who do not look like the majority to join their commonwealth—in a way the Mexican Constitution, for example, traditionally did not?

Class apparently now means nothing. Does the white mechanic in Provo supposedly think like the Pelosi family—as a fellow “white” person?

Are Barack Obama’s “clingers,” Hillary Clinton’s “deplorables” and “irredeemables,” and Joe Biden’s “semi-fascists,” “Ultra-MAGAs,” “dregs,” and “chumps” all of the same mentality? Do they share the same values as those embraced by Hunter Biden, Jane Fonda, and Adam Schiff, by virtue of some mystical bonds of whiteness?

Where are the data to support the charge of imperious whiteness? Do so-called raging whites commit hate crimes in numbers greater than their demographics?

In fact, they are underrepresented.

Do purported whites hunt down people of color as if we are all living in 1920s rural Mississippi?

In fact, in relatively rare interracial violent crime, whites are up to 10 times more likely to be victims of black- or Hispanic-perpetrated violence than agents themselves of interracial assault.

Do white supremacists send poor people of color abroad, as often argued, to die in rich white men’s wars?

In fact, white males died in Iraq and Afghanistan at twice their numbers in the general population. Is that asymmetry proof of what Mark Milley and Lloyd Austin pontificated about in fixating on white privilege?

How do we adjudicate or define “proportionate representation”? What is disproportionate?

Would it be the more than 70 percent of African Americans in many professional sports at six times their percentages of the population? Or perhaps the current admission statistics of the incoming class at Stanford University, where the university boasts that just 22 percent of its 2026 class is so-called white?

Is it white privilege, rage, or supremacy that explains why seven of the current 25 cabinet and cabinet-level secretaries of the U.S. government are heterosexual white males? Does white privilege reveal why Asian Americans, on average, enjoy an annual median household income some $25,000 higher than their white counterparts?

Are whites, by virtue of their supposed privileged caste, immune from suicide? In fact, the so-called white suicide rate is more than double the rate of blacks and Hispanics.

Do supremacy and privilege explain why two-thirds of the annual opioid overdose deaths are among whites?

Perhaps to substantiate the boilerplate of “white supremacy” and “white rage,” we might look to efforts at retro-segregation?

Are privileged whites insisting on white-only college graduations? Perhaps they are demanding set-aside spaces on campuses, where they feel “safer” and can enjoy racial affinities and solidarity by excluding others? In fact, there are racially segregated spaces on campuses, but they tend to exclude whites.

Perhaps the Left means white supremacy is a euphemism for a return to segregated housing and redlined neighborhoods. In fact, there are racially segregated dorms on campuses, the so-called “theme houses,” but again these were demanded by nonwhites.

We are told that it is not safe for the diverse to be around white people, given their supposed violent proclivities. But that certainly seems not to be the case for our elites. The Obamas often lecture the country on housing discrimination and the historic efforts of whites to self-congregate and exclude. But the ex-president owns four expensive homes, in Kalorama D.C., Martha’s Vineyard, Hawaii, and Chicago. Yet he is least likely to reside in his richly diverse Chicago neighborhood and apparently feels more at home with the mostly white neighbors of his other three estates.

Indeed, some of the most severe critics of “white privilege” and “white rage” are themselves ensconced in white neighborhoods, such as the Duchess of Sussex or LeBron James. When Oprah Winfrey damns white supremacy in graduation speeches, is her subtext a snarl at her fellow billionaire neighbors in Montecito?

So what is going on with the contemporary fixation on white, white, white?

Why are there so many Duke Lacrosse, Covington kids, Tawana Brawley, and Jussie Smollett cases, as if the dearth of white oppressors and the multitude of would-be oppressed requires the fabrication of so-called white hate crimes?

Why does Joe Biden lecture the country on its supposedly greatest terrorist threat of “white supremacy”—this from the most racialist president of the modern era, who sets himself up as the judge of who is and who “ain’t black”?

This rebooted white collective stereotype seems to be the obsession of two general groups. One cadre is the elite professional, left-wing whites. By any definition of income and status, its members are quite blessed and privileged. For them, voicing the new white pejorative is a sort of psychological mechanism that excuses their own guilt-ridden privilege, by fobbing purported toxic “whiteness” onto an amorphous “semi-fascist” other, while virtue signaling they are not like “them.”

“Them,” of course, are those who live and work in places like East Palestine, Ohio, and who have zero privilege but, by the Obama-Clinton-Biden standards, are culturally and socially deplorable.

Such “white rage” and “white supremacist” mantras are also careerist cues that signal, as with party membership of the old Soviet nomenklatura, that they are correct and now audited for raises, promotions, and rewards.

The second group is composed of the wealthy, left-wing minority elites in politics, media, entertainment, sports, and government service. For the Al Sharptons and “squad” members of the world, damning “white, white, white” bogeymen alleviates them of any painful analysis of inequality, such as the role of endemic illegitimacy and absent fathers in nearly ensuring a lack of parity. It is hard work to buck the teachers’ unions and set up K-12 charter schools in the inner city that focus on math, science, and languages to ensure parity. But it is easy and cheap—and far more lucrative—to blast the SAT test as “racist” and demand reparative admissions to Yale or Harvard.

For the racialist careerist, the less racism there is to find, all the more essential it is to root it out somehow, somewhere. So, here arrives a new genre of manufactured hate crimes, whose logic is “even if it did not happen, it reminds us that it could have happened.”

The dearth of actual racism also demands a new set of adjectives that serve as something like sophisticated detectors to discover otherwise invisible natural gas fumes. The adjective “systemic” means only the select can now spot racism. Like air, it is everywhere but invisible and thus requires battalions of diversity, equity, and inclusion inspectors to use their training to expose it in the common atmosphere.

“Microaggressions” exist as a tacit admission there are no aggressions as we commonly define them. No matter—there are still hints that there might be some racial aggression, once experts redefine words and gestures to ferret out micro-racists in our midst.

Where does this all lead?

We are wasting trillions of dollars in capital, labor, and time in tribal cannibalism as our friends abroad watch in horror, and our enemies savor our decline into collective suicide—while we sink into debt, our cities turn medieval, our border disappears, our criminal justice system collapses, and our military chases its tail.

We know from history the ultimate destination of tribal chauvinism, and it is not pretty. Once a society retribalizes, it descends into a Hobbesian war of all against all. Everyone eventually seeks out or manufactures a tribal identity for self-protection. Tribalism operates on the principles of proliferation: if a neighboring nation goes nuclear, then everyone in the neighborhood must too.

Unless some passengers on our runaway train force our engineers to hit the brakes, we are headed over the cliff into Yugoslavia.

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29 thoughts on “The Strange Pandemic of ‘White’ Disparagement”

  1. This is a very clear, well-organized presentation of a thesis Victor has been thrashing out since at least the Covid lock-downs. It pairs well with his recent interview with Heather MacDonald found in the Podcast section. Whatever one’s politics, this is a presentation of our current situation worth wrestling with.

    1. No.. we are not living Leviticus. God has given us a new covenant. We just need to have the courage of our convictions, stand up, and stand firm. This, too, shall pass. John 16:33 AMP
      I have told you these things, so that in Me you may have [perfect] peace. In the world you have tribulation and distress and suffering, but be courageous [be confident, be undaunted, be filled with joy]; I have overcome the world.” [My conquest is accomplished, My victory abiding.]

  2. That’s bleak for a Monday morning.

    Here’s my take. Having achieved and realized Dr King’s goal , individual equality in theory (& largely in practice) 2+ generations ago and faced with the reality that (thanks in large part to Democrat initiatives) life had not changed for the better for most a new “explanation and solution” was necessary.

    So the macro policy solutions replaced the micro. Cue intersectional theory, 1619,CRT, systemic racism. All of which at their core say the same thing: it doesn’t matter what you do as an individual the system is so stacked against you that you cannot succeed or be happy. And if you do succeed you are a traitor to your class or race. Unless you are an athlete or an entertainer and stay true to the cause.

    Your path to success & happiness lies in overturning the existing structure of society and replacing it with something fairer.

    Let’s try DEI. Equality of opportunity can’t work. We need to move directly to equality of outcome & we get to chose the metrics.

    Just my opinion.

    Probably wrong but ask yourself this: If Dr. King and his message were here today would he be leading or would he be “the black face of white supremacy” to the leaders of the cause and in the Twitterverse?

    1. Thanks for your input. It could be as you said that life did not change better for most and the equity agenda was put forth to identify another cause and to solve disparity. I don’t remember the statistics but marriage went down for everyone especially Americans of African ancestry as welfare entitlements after 1964 enabled men to not marry and support their families which led to single-parent families and lesser achievement. So increased welfare and entitlements rather than being a help turned out to be something that caused greater problems.

      I believe prejudice against others is something that is in the heart of individuals that only God can change and cannot be overcome by government which can legislate equal opportunity but not not change man’s insides, his nature. Man’s attempts to structure society and perfect the heart of individuals is bound to fail just as welfare entitlements failed to change the heart and led to more problems.

  3. The dividing of society by academic-defined (false) racial categories is a Marxist strategy to create animosity between groups. Then when the groups attack each other, the Marxists rush in to save the day. No mention is ever made of the obvious financial backing that comes from certain prominent billionaires. And no questions are ever asked about why Congress and the FBI are not investigating those billionaires and removing their malign influence from American politics and society. The emperor has no clothes, but no one is allowed to say that.

    1. Thanks for mentioning that race-based division is a Marxist strategy to create animosity which Marxists use to address problems in order to take control.

      Curtis Bowers has thought much of how Communism has had its goal to destroy America from within for the past 100 years which is recorded in their own literature. Bowers has produced documentaries illuminating their strategies and relationships that they use to achieve destruction and revolution.

      What Bowers offers helps explain our times from a political viewpoint and he reasons that those politics not only impact society but individuals morally and spiritually. Bower’s films are called “Agenda – Grinding America Down 1 & 2” and can be found on Rumble.

  4. Not saying that people today are at all responsible for what their ancestors may or may not have done, but it’s more than a bit crazy to disparage New Englanders who’s ancestors fought to end slavery because they’re white -while praising African Immigrants who’s ancestors threw black Americans onto slave ships because they too are black.

    1. Thanks for raising those insights that the contradictions of the Left’s indoctrination are there for all to see and think more carefully about.

      Its worth considering that the mistreatment of others is a human issue that all races practice within its own race and towards other races. The problem is not race but something inside the individual that no system of government can change.

  5. Thank you, VDH. A thoughtful article about things that need to be said. Someone needs to talk about the meaning of racism. What is racism? When I hear someone being called racist or if someone called me racist, I would tell them to prove it. How do they know what I am thinking? They can’t read minds. What specific thing did I do or say ? Until someone has the courage to ask the question, we will not make the progress that has been destroyed.

  6. American absurdity accelerates. Living together became no longer shameful. Marriage was redefined to include two members of the same gender. Men used the women’s bathroom and then won medals on women’s sports teams. Women cut their hair and grew beards. Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson can’t define a woman. People feel guilt for things they never did and feel entitled for things they never experienced. Cities are awash in crime as criminals are protected and innocents are punished. Chaos and confusion reign.

    A debased mind is flawed in its ability to reason and indicates that there is something terribly wrong inside. As much as I’d like to blame academia, a Marxist take-over, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and coming globalism, I always go back to the spiritual root.

    Romans 1:18-32 remarkedly describes our culture and its etiology.

    1. Very appropriate:

      God’s Wrath Against Sinful Humanity

      18 The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of people, who suppress the truth by their wickedness, 19 since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. 20 For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.

      21 For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened. 22 Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools 23 and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images made to look like a mortal human being and birds and animals and reptiles.

      24 Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another. 25 They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen.

      26 Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. 27 In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.

      28 Furthermo

  7. Robert Cherba

    As an 86yo white man of Hungarian/Slav stock, I’m to the point where I’m driven to be a white supremacist. Or maybe I’m a British/European supremacist, or maybe a Northern Hemisphere supremacist. Or even a Jewish supremacist (I don’t have any Jewish ties that I know of other than living with them as a UMichigan student in the middle of the last century.) At any rate, it’s obvious to me that the anti-white crowd is doing their best to eliminate standards, criminality, laws, and our Jewish/Christian culture, which, I increasingly believe is superior to all others on earth.

    As we decline into cultural stupidity and suicide with DEI, ESG policies, I’m increasingly happy the grim reaper is close by in my life. I will never fly again when pilots are selected by the color of their skin, or have major surgery by surgeons admitted to medical school because they are the right color. Life is going to deteriorate if we eliminate merit. Well, good luck with that and you’ll have to do it without me.

    1. My brother just turned 80. This could have been written by him. And he was a liberal for most of his life. He often says ” everything is upside down, I don’t get it”

      Robert, living a long, long time is the best way to cope with the absurdity. And remember, if the Wolverines can beat OSU twice in a row, anything is possible.

    2. Thanks for expressing your thoughts. I appreciate how you share personally about how the equity agenda judges people unfairly based upon race. The Left’s actions are indeed tearing society down and hurtful to all.

      I am glad that you have been blessed with 86 years of life. I feel badly that you have lived this long only to see our times. My hope is that you have peace in this life and hope in Christ for the next life. May God grant you the grace that only he can give.

    3. Sarina M Smith

      Same here, Mr. Cherba. I’m getting on in years and I thank God that he made me in my time and not THEIRS (left’s)! I, an unarrested woman, would surely find myself in jail many times over if I had to live on through this wicked era! I don’t know how long I have but I hank the Lord for the great times I had in a free America!! Good luck to you, Robert!!

  8. Doc, your questions are so pointed. What more can we each do but press on and strive to NOT become a part of the problem? For an ardent hot-head like me, that is a tall order. On the other hand, a reasonable & well-educated woman like Dr. Naomi Wolf has begun to reassess her lifetime-of-Leftism belief system. Here is her latest report of what it’s like to come in from the Leftist cold:

  9. Victor asks where does all this lead. It ultimately leads — if not stemmed soon — to white racism. Many of us have lived as adults since 1970. By the 1990’s it can be accurately claimed that there essentially were no longer any white racists other than of course the 5%-or-so of any population who will always be racist.

    The Democrat Party is overtly stoking racism as a political tool to motivate its base of black voters against white Republicans. It’s been a political party that has advocated a racist agenda since 1800. But the vast majority of the black population don’t recognize this historical fact, in great part because of deception by black leaders. Black liberal leaders are vigorously demonizing “white” people to intentionally effect damage upon white people.

    The question is how long will white people tolerate this defamation? Will the tolerance fade when it appears their children or grandchildren will be financially or emotionally or physically hurt. These injuries have already begun. And with white people vastly outnumbering black people, the black spokesmen/spokeswomen continue their lies at the risk of a torrential backlash that will set back race relations for a century.

    1. Sarina M Smith

      Yes, Mike.
      I have said many times how this white racism will turn out with the Blacks, White Libs, etc. being put back 100 years to where the whites will just rule over POC again…harshly, too!
      All I can say is: “They sure asked for it this time!”

  10. Dr. Hanson:
    Again, thank you for your wise observance.

    How do we handle this Spiritual Warfare.?

    Study, Ephesians 6:10-18
    The Armor of God
    Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. …

    It’s a spiritual war between good and evil.

  11. We were told in advance about this back in 2009, by someone you may well remember – he said, “Elections have consequences. I won”. Then he went on to create People of Color (POC) out of whole cloth, a forerunner of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), by amalgamating all of the supposedly non-white groups into a single collective to oppose “whites” and “whiteness”, in general.

    There’s one fact he may not have factored into his calculations though – and it was very calculated as was everything he did – and that fact is that it could be problematic to demonize the majority two thirds of the population. Doesn’t really sound like a good thing when you think about it.

    Now we’re stuck with old Joe Biden, who generally doesn’t know what day of the week it is. But this too shall pass. I think the fix for this mess that we’ve gotten into, courtesy of the aforementioned You Know Who, will come from the ground up – from the two thirds who are being trodden on by the fake DEI mobs – fake because everything they spout is fake. I think the two thirds has had just about enough, and now we’ll see how wise it was to demonize them.

  12. We haven’t encountered the Red Guards yet, they are only 5-12 now, they will be a destructive whirlwind. This has all happened before and our enemies are smiling and our friends like the ROK will abandon us soon as our culture descends into tribal MAP loving chaos

  13. So much of this post by VDH is ahistorical nonsense that it’s hard to know where to begin.

    Tribalism leads to anarchy, he says.

    No, forced multiculturalism leads to anarchy. At the end of WW II millions of people were forcibly evicted from lands where they did not belong. Poles moved Ukrainians, Ukrainians moved Poles, Russians moved Baltics and everybody got rid of Germans. The result was decades of peace after centuries of war, a peace overseen by America, which never, ever tried to undo those displacements.

    But according to MLK-loving VDH the US should have been trying to repatriate all those ethnic Germans back into the newly liberated Eastern European countries where their parents and ancestors had long dwelled. “Content of their character” not their genes, and all that blather.

    But VDH never, ever advocated that. Not once in his life. His MLK-loving is strictly for white Americans.

    How’s that utopian dream weaving working out for you?

    Care for another chorus of “Ebony and Ivory?”

    (The first crack in that peace was the post-communist breakup of Yugoslavia, a polyglot multiethnic mess that had been held together by force. Only once clear “tribal” territories were established did peace come again.)

    (The current war in Ukraine is being fought for similar reasons, as Crimea and the Donbas are minority Ukrainian and the Russia majorities want to kick them out. Remember, Ukraine became a nation only after the fall of the multiethnic empire of the USSR.)

    1. Sounds like you are an advocate of tribalism and ethnic hatred. You have plenty of company in that regard, as you correctly point out.

      I’ve never seen or read a piece by VDH that hasn’t remarked upon the relative uniqueness of the American experiment – an experiment that encapsulates the notion of a citizen who has rights under the law regardless of tribe or ethnicity. You can read all about that in his book, The Dying Citizen.

      Regarding your comment “Remember, Ukraine became a nation only after the fall of the multiethnic empire of the USSR.” – here you are putting real ignorance on display – Ukraine (then called Kievan Rus’) was a very powerful force in medieval times, starting in the late 9th century and into the 12th century AD, occupying a territory much larger than what it does today. The modern nations of Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine all claim Kievan Rus’ as their cultural ancestor, with Belarus and Russia deriving their names from it.

      A bit silly of you really, to erase all of Slavic history prior to the Bolshevik takeover of Russia during the October Revolution in 1917. The rest of us know that rewriting history has become fashionable with the far Left – no need to prove your credentials here – but it seems to me that you are simply elevating a group you espouse – the far-left, revolutionary Marxist Bolsheviks – as the “creator” of all the nations they subsequently took over and subjugated as part of the Soviet Union.

  14. Politicians, like chess players, study the board, have goals in mind, make moves, and anticipate how their opponent will react to their moves.

    Sometimes they lure their opponent into making moves to capture their pieces but only so that they can capture their opponent’s pieces. Losing pieces is okay as long as greater advancements are made to gain an advantage until the game is won.

    It seems likely, that the politicians have anticipated your response to their equity agenda. They know how people may react and so they plan accordingly. They may even provoke their opponent into making moves that hurt them in the long run.

    I believe that the politicians want you to see yourself and fellow Americans as separate races and classes. They are using division and your response to it to gain further advantage. The may even entice you to doing something that will allow them to take greater action against you.

    I believe that the game is won through ideas and persuasion. A true rendering of American history, principles, and economics needs to be taught and accepted. A realistic understanding of the world and its sinful people needs to be acknowledged. And ultimately, a right relationship with God through Jesus Christ needs to be established in the hearts of individuals.

    I see the game on a human level as political, educational, economic, and global. On a spiritual level, it is much deeper, something that only God can resolve. May he give us wisdom and grace.

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