The Spanish-American War, California’s Water, and Epstein’s Exploits with Universities

In this weekend edition, Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc discuss Jeffrey Epstein’s relations with universities, the plan to blow up four Klamath River dams, the Spanish-American War and farmers living with their own mistakes.

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9 thoughts on “The Spanish-American War, California's Water, and Epstein's Exploits with Universities”

  1. As a 77 year old combat Marine, I am a fan for numerous reasons. Your uncle who was one of 3000 Marines who died on Sugar Loaf is my brother. Please continue your discussions but lay off a tad and enjoy your life. I intend to visit my Sensei in Okinawa and Sugar Loaf.
    Semper Fi

  2. my fav Epstein question…no cameras in the jail, “his” body is rushed to one of two ambulances (one a decoy), quickly id’d by his brother/heir (“yep…that’s old Jeffrey”), and cremated. Is he sunning himself today on one of his private islands?


      “Is he sunning himself today on one of his private islands?”
      No. He’s biodegrading in the Atlantic somewhere, or in some inland lake or swamp. His associates were not about to let him live any longer and talk.

  3. Thank you VDH for your insights and farming stories. Yes, you are correct Thomas Sowell is a treasure. You also are a treasure and I enjoy listening. I have no complaints regarding your cohosts. I think they both complement you in different ways.
    I feel fortunate to live in such a time as this, even with the damage we are seeing around us, there is much good. I want to be sure I acknowledge this in humility and gratitude now , in real time, rather than look back at some future date wishing I had.

  4. Michael Sheffield

    As always, a fascinating discussion. Nice to heat that my favorite historian is a down to earth kind of guy.


    “Damn the torpedoes!” was Admiral Farragut at Mobile Bay, Victor. I think you meant Commodore Dewey’s order to Charles Gridley, who commanded Dewey’s flagship Olympia, “You may fire when ready, Gridley!”, at Manila Bay.

  6. Thank you for bringing the secret world of the farmer to my attention.

    I am now convinced I would rather engage angry Moros’ than farm for a living.

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