The Sound of Gun Fire

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc as they talk about things that signal a change: Biden’s poll numbers and the midterm elections, a “woke” revolution starting to show strain, the meaning of Uvalde, and an update on the Ukraine.

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7 thoughts on “The Sound of Gun Fire”

  1. Dr. Hanson:

    You mentioned that it would be a good idea to prevent felons from having a gun. We already have these laws.

    There Is a federal law 18 USC § 922(g). ( scroll down to subsection (g).

    As well, most states have similar laws, see for California

    The problem is not that we lack the laws, the problem is that NO ONE will enforce the law. Felons, in possession do not get charged, do not get put in prison for violating these laws. These felons use the illegally possessed weapon to commit other felonies — which are also not prosecuted.

    Hurry up and do something and emotional pleas just result in more laws, which are also not enforced. We need to prosecute criminals and put them in prison. We have sufficient gun laws. What we lack is the will and the fortitude to prosecute criminals and put them away.

    The reasons for incarceration include keeping criminals from harming society and citizens, deterrence, punishment, rehabilitation. We are failing at all of these because we do not prosecute and incarcerate criminals.

    Adding more laws is not a deterrent, there is no penalty, so no deterrence. Criminals are already violating the laws; criminal non-compliance with gun laws is not an issue for criminals. They don’t care; except to appreciate that these gun laws leave their victims unable to defend themselves.

    Like the show. Thanks also to Ms. Winc

  2. James A Gimpel

    On gun control and law enforcement the Parole Officer is the link to those committing the highest percentage of crime. This is the “sweet” spot for the psychologist + social worker + law enforcement officer combination. They are the ones in the right time and place for coddling criminals. You need enough of them to keep the case loads minimal, they need their own Secretaries and support staff and budget. It is a good place for some police students in training to assist and learn how to “connect” to the criminal mind and habits and college graduate students in criminal justice might be required to serve time as well and get their hands dirty. If liberal judges are going to rotate criminals back on the street then here is a response to it with some backbone, with knowledge and education to deal with mental illness, drug addiction etc., combining a Social Worker with backbone for law enforcement as well and re-incarceration based on solid facts. Each case would then be heard by the judge in a complete and thorough enough way that they would know all that could be done has been done and lock them up with plenty of facts, over time, to support that decision.

    1. I think you have a point for convicted felon in regards to a Parole agent but have you noticed most of these MK ultra like shootings are orchestrated by non felons. The CA parole union (CCPOA) consists of thousands of PO’s with packed staff in all locations that cater to the 33 prisons in CA. A Parole officer would be great to look into more now but good luck getting something extra without giving some more. Hard cold facts in that area. It’s 10 years for a felon w/a firearm in the commission of a crime… transit any manner pretty much on person or property… Extra year per bullet. Yes CA has punished felons w firearms and does so whoever said they didn’t go do time and see for yourself.

  3. Nobody drives hrs to shoot strangers…..
    People kill friends, family and loved ones mostly. Chew on that…
    The timing of the NRA convention in Columbine & Uvade. Think independently y’all.
    Respects to those lost.

  4. Jeffrey Sheff

    I believe that one thing has been overlooked in most conversations about the midterm elections. Voters who have been represented for years by a Democrat won’t suddenly turn on “their” representative because they are angry at Biden and crew. I spoke recently to a person who is a dyed-in-the-wool Republican but who likes the Democratic representative which her district has had for many years because he is approachable, patriotic(a Vietnam vet) and, in general, a moderate on fiscal issues, even though, in the current term, he voted in lock-step with all the other Democrats for Biden’s extravagant plans. Add to this the fact that his Republican opponent is an unknown, and one can be fairly certain that he will keep his seat.

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