The Shadow of Munich Haunts the Iran Negotiations

Once again our leaders are needlessly appeasing a hostile state that shows them nothing but contempt.

by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online


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17 thoughts on “The Shadow of Munich Haunts the Iran Negotiations”

  1. Hoi Polloi Boy

    Indeed, Obama’s mistaken capitulation to the Iranian mullahs warrants comparisons to Chamberlain’s follies with Hitler. I fear millions of dead Jews and other Middle Eastern people will be one of the horrific outcomes as history repeats itself.

    1. great point…. but…. how many years into the future will this happen…. and….. what will liberals be pushing then…. and won’t take any of the blame for the disaster they created now?

  2. Empress Trudy

    I think the key difference now from then is that the west really does want a capitulation to Iran. They’re not deluding themselves that they’ve reached an adequate detente so much as they’re concerned how they can spin their willing defeat to their own electorate. Lausanne was theater. It was fake. It was for the cheap seats at home. Obama and other weren’t going TO cave, they already had, before they arrived. The Germans and Brits were drooling for contracts with Iran, China and Russia have been nearly invisible because they never HAD entertained sanctions. France raised its head to some extent but again, that was for Gallic pride at home. Obama already intended to give Iran whatever it liked, and more, no matter what the curtain at the end of Act III signified. Now all we have to wait for is the standard Obama denouement where he unleashes then ignores another Islamic nation of madmen, claim he’s be swept along by the verdict of history and once again watch as another region of the world burns. Because that’s what ideologues do.

    No, I’m afraid we’ve all been lead down the primrose path, not by well wishing cowards like Chamberlain, but by lying double dealing nihilists like Stalin.

  3. I’d think ,regardless of current ‘negotiations’, it still remains to be seen conclusively that the United States can be like a staunch Poland in the face of Iranian policies of aggression.

    Prior to Munich, there was much Hitlerian bombast to get his way in Europe.. Today, it would appear Iran has gone the ‘softer’ route by having the US come to the table and thereby show Iran its difficulties in having some semblance of holding and pressing the initiative in the still-to-be-decided talks on solutions. to the ‘Iranian’ problem of nuclear capability. With each day of negotiation it would see Kerry et al shows with which side they should be cut and dispensed with. Really Iran simply probes for weakness. If Mr. Kerry comes out with a paper it better be good.

    As we’ve seen too much talk and no action is deleterious in checking the desires of a country bent on pursuing destabilizng aims at a time of great geographical insecurity. Let’s see what was learned after 1939.

  4. Our Western leader’s have failed the West. Article from harvard’s Lawrence Summers, “”” Time U.S leadership woke up to new economic era.””” In the U.S, it’s finance. Our very own, honorary Prez of mexico is seaching for an answer on the 9th hole.

  5. aracooneatingfoiegras

    why hasn’t anyone pointed out yet that extremist muslims. their minority counterparts as well as the borderline militant left wing are the heirs of the Nazi legacy? i see what these people stand for and frankly, i’m scared.

    please don’t think i’m being flippant. i really respect your writing – it is second to none.

  6. It is interesting, for a man who so disdains conflict and is hell bent on avoiding one at all cost, it will be his policy and his legacy that will put this nation and others back into one.

    How is that for hypocritical actions. Of course, he will be on the golf course, not giving a damn. His patented response of course will be., “it didn’t happen on my watch”. What a bum and a punk he is.

  7. “”” Corker: Obama doctrine means abandoning middle east””, from bloomberg. Jaw-dropping stuff. The picture should be plastered on every history book. If the Left wins, Europe/Middle-East— lost to the powers of domination.

  8. Geoffrey Hart

    The French had a nickname for Chamberlain it was J’aime Berlin. How can Obama be so stupid, it is very clear what Iran is up to. Still there is some justice in all this. When the Ayatollah Khomeini was a political refugee in France, the French government gave him a post office and two telex machines from which to orchestrate the revolution in Iran getting rid of the American Installed Shar. This is a clear breach of international law whereby refugees are forbidden to partake in the politics of the country they have fled from. Very clever French diplomacy and now we will see rockets pointed at Paris within about five or six years. Hope and change hope and change yea right

  9. Rufus T Firefly

    It is actually a very good treaty for America. But don’t expect Hanson, who supported Bush’s war based on lies that cost $3 trillion and killed 1.3 million, to point this out. We heard the same “Munich” cries about Vietnam

  10. Obama seems to have a serious problem with “math”… Is there ANYTHING he tells us that “adds up”?

    No Nukes for Iran.
    We will inspect Iran.
    Not a Smidgen of Corruption in the IRS.
    Fully Transparent Administration.
    All bills will be posted on the internet 48 hours before votes…

    The list would seize up Mr. Hanson’s server….

    More accurate, a pathological liar…

  11. The comparisons to Chamberlain are almost spot on. Except it is Obama who makes Neville shine as a truer nationalist, one who graciously stepped aside as Churchill took the stage as Prime Minister. One who also threw himself into the war effort as much as anyone to defend his country. This despite his wrongheaded approach to succoring the German cause. Chamberlain was never the narcissist, nor petulant academic second-rater as Obama proudly parades himself to be. Chamberlain may have lofted a thin agreement on paper allowing Germany to light the fuse of WW II, but he never would have personally handed over the bomb to his enemies as Obama has done with a cheerful, “Allow me.” Yes, Chamberlain was foolish, but at least he wasn’t a fool.

  12. Gary Westgeest

    What did Barack learn in university? And how does he really feel about Western civilization? I think we’re getting those questions answered.

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