The Return of Trump?

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc as VDH talks about Trump in 2022 and 2024 and what Conservative campaign commercials should target.

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6 thoughts on “The Return of Trump?”

  1. Go Victor! Go Sami! I know manners differ greatly between CA and the interior, but I have some former students in TX that really need to hear what Sami said about Greatness and gender.

    Now, like Patton, I feel my menos has led me far ahead of the other comments. I must petition HQ for more tobacco and rum… See the rest of you guys at the Rhine!

  2. Professor Hanson; Thank you for an elightening Trump discussion; even more insightful was your your discussion of your book writing and especially your commitment to teaching. My uncle, James T. Watkins,Stanford professor of political science, had the same commitment, even with the loss of “publication stature” . In fact, his main focus was to mentor struggling fraternity members. I was a member of Phi Kappa Sigma, pre-med, swimmer, and for obvious reasons, had no business living in the fraternity house. I lived in the upstairs bedroom of Prof. Watkins residence and had many discussions about Stanford politics and all else with him and mentorees.
    Robert P. Watkins, jr..’63

  3. VDH is my guru… and I am a right of center journalist! Just a note on the quality of the audio… the interviewer is clear and VDH’s voice is quite poor by comparison. Either he is on a long distance link or his equipment is inferior. Do check it out.

  4. It would be nice to see our great president Trump to return to the presidency to restore law and order, and American greatness before riding off to the sunset. He will give it his all and win, no doubt! Mr. Victor might want to write a sequel – “The Case for Trump 2024”.

  5. President Trump has never left. He is guiding the RINOS who are in office. McConnell, Graham, McCarthy, Youngkin and the rest are dead without him. And Manchin NEVER would have voted against the Dems without President Trumps involvement. They are weak, corrupt traitors. I love President Trump.❤

  6. Mr. Hanson,
    I found you on National Review and followed you here to your own site when you left NR.
    I feel extremely fortunate that you reside as I do in California and appreciate it whenever you lend your insights to the “California Condition”.
    Have you ever thought of a once a month or quarterly review of the state podcast?

    I have one small critique of your podcast and it’s a technical one, not content related.
    Sometimes your audio becomes quite muffled and your words being ever so important to me, I loathe to miss even one noun, verb or even adverb.
    I can only guess at what might be causing the muffled audio.
    Possible causes: Proximity to microphone, and/or combined with increased volume when speaking, poor quality microphone such as IPhone earbuds with built-in mic, movement that causes clothing to block input or some combination of all of the above.
    In closing, I wanted to thank you for your recent positive comments about Trump. I had become so set in my thoughts that he was finished, kaput. That he had killed off his chances with his behavior post election, that I hadn’t come at the problem from a different direction, the stark contrast to Biden vis-à-vis Covid. It is so easy to sink in the comfortable armchair full of familiar voices, that I hadn’t looked back at his many accomplishments in a while. So I appreciated the refresher.
    Thank you
    Rose Fisk
    Knightsen, Ca

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