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  1. Another gripping description and conversation.
    Such treasures.
    Thank you.

    Attributing many of our current problems to President Obama resonates with many of his (Obama’s) own statements and, notably, one of those of George Soros lamenting that O did not accomplish as much as he (Soros) would have liked accomplished in light of his (Soros’) financial support.

    That Mr. Obama was allowed to run for President, however, is still a question, especially, in light of his very own statement in this video below. Was he being truthful or was he simply manipulating his audience via what he perceived as a tactic to win, then and there, support from his audience? In either case, truth does not seem to be something he valued. Notably, his confession in the video also resonates, however, with seemingly valid research into his purported birth certificate and also his ss number by a trustworthy private investigator, Susan.
    Did the elite establishment and corporate media pull another one over the citizen?


  2. Ex-Catholic students at Maronist University of Dayton, Ohio paid by the U.S. to spy on Catholics at Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio for being too Catholic – What a wonderful world.

  3. david carlson

    “bodysnatched” the absolute best description of the party leaders, business leaders … I have heard so far.

  4. If you want to resist, stand with Trump. It’s his last chance to right the wrong for himself and for his country we all love so much. If he loses, his life is destroyed and may go to jail. The other guy goes back to be a governor. The choice cannot be clearer.

    Victor no need to beat a dead horse. Intellectuals like you have been whining about universities for years, and were chased out of those corrupted institutions. Please talk about how these communist ideas are infecting churches, and it’s getting almost as bad as the universities. More importantly, what Leftist tactic can be deployed by conservatives to make the church whole again.

    PLEASE don’t use the word EASY. If it was, we wouldn’t be here.

    1. Thank you Phil. I agree. We all knew, Victor included, that with all said and done, and being done, to Trump that he was going to run again. I am frankly disgusted with conservatives that have turned their back on him…especially under our current circumstances. Why? Why is Ron even running? Could it be that he is term limited and Florida already has 2 republican senators? DeSantis’ record as governor may be great, but he is most obviously a GOP attempt to split the vote and insure their status as noble losers yet again. Imagine an election where the right was as unified as the left, where we were all behind Trump, forgoing a self-defeating primary and marching head-on into the election behind our candidate. We all know Trump’s negatives, he has nowhere to go but up. However, we know none of DeSantis’ negatives, and he has nowhere to go but down. Our side’s inherent weakness and fickleness, along with its childish wont to return to a status quo that no longer exists is why we lose. But nevermind, the DeSantis supporters will take their ball and go home, while echoing the left with the mantra of, “It’s all Trump’s fault. “

    2. Marge Desiderio

      Agree with your comment. For Catholics against Catholics see Greg Afuso,s comment above.
      We need Trump now not a list of all the things he has done wrong. Next time he will do better or
      we are done.

    3. If a church teaches what is contrary to the Bible then it is has lost its claim that it represents God and is a Christian church. A church that justifies fornication, homosexuality, transgenderism, racism, and abortion shows itself to be outside the teachings of Scripture.

      More importantly, what does the church teach about sin, judgment, and righteousness before God? How is man made right with God? What is the significance of Christ’s life, death and resurrection? How is trusting in the work of Christ alone different than one’s faith plus personal works of atonement? Answers to these questions will tell you a lot about the church and whether it matches what the Scriptures teach.

  5. Looks like the Ents are waking up and discovering that they are strong!

    I mean, seriously, this is America. How did they not know that the line would be touching our beer. Our Founders drew the line way back at tea!

  6. Charles Carroll

    While I agree with Dr. Atlas’ point of view and don’t doubt the truth of what he said, a COMMENCEMENT speech was not the place to do it. Mr. Fowler said it was a great speech. Not for a commencement, where the speaker should be complimenting the graduates on their achievement and inspiring them to begin careers.

  7. Hillsdale would be wise to limit LEFTISTS in their school both students and staff.

    If the conservatives don’t start playing hardball and protect their conservative institutions the way LEFTISTS do they will die out

    1. You are spot on. They better protect their churches too. It might be too late to be honest.

      As a newcomer to a mega protestant “conservative” church, I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. Churches supposed to be conservative, like the military is supposed to be conservative, right? It ain’t so.

      Transgender (man dressed as a woman) was a greeter at the Easter young adult service.
      A high school student was allowed to speak at the pulpit to 1000 members and proclaim America is an imperial power, and we must repent and repay for our sins.
      The president of the religious institution openly and proudly embraces pride week.

      So much for separation of church and politics.
      While popular culture demonizes the churches, they themselves, emulate their enemy’s ideology. Suicidal leaders are all around us. How are the people going to survive?

  8. alphabet soup constructs rip off unsuspecting Americans in perpetuity seemingly with no accountability ..

    be it BLM laundering $ millions under the guise of convoluted ‘social justice’ …
    or MLB in their deafening silence with regard to vicious anti-Catholic vitriol in support of ‘pride’

    deliberately erroneous data from CDC fuels fear & uncertainty across our nation in obsequious allegiance to political hacks, the NIH & WHO ..

    terminally corrupt managers poison the credibility of the DOJ, FBI & CIA ..

    leaving law-abiding Americans with abject distrust & warranted contempt for the laughable state of ‘equal justice’ accorded the common man

    in keeping with the train wreck regularly on display with this clown act & aptly metaphoric with POTUS this week …

    ‘sandbagging’ their way thru four years ..

  9. Boycott stores like LULULEMON that support crime in stores and on their property/parking!!!

    Find those stores and BOYCOTT THEM AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!!

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