The Real Insurrectionists

Given the talk of insurrection, Victor Davis Hanson talks with cohost Sami Winc about the Left’s usurpation of law, the Constitution, and our way of life.

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8 thoughts on “The Real Insurrectionists”

  1. Robert Stewart

    The long covid issue is not limited to the virus. The mRNA spike was supposed to remain in the muscle tissue, but it has been found throughout the body. As you noted in your critique of the vaccine and the boosters. These particles might be a key to understanding long covid.

  2. A major factor in our disability to elect “statesmen”, as Sami puts it, is a swath oc the GOP electorate that are, well, pansies. They are turned off by any perceived character flaws or past activities, and continue to believe in the fallacy of the gentleman patriot that will rise to serve their interests. It was far easier in the past to obfuscate one’s mistakes or flaws and present an illusion that met these voters’ expectations. If Washington’s incarnate appeared the oppo research would destroy him, and many GOP voters would bemoan his lack of progressive and therapeutic positions.

  3. Luther Rhodes

    Please ,Dr Hanson, stop obsessing on COVID. You are getting yourself and your listeners enmeshed in a quagmire much like many who tested positive for Lyme or EBV in the past. If your message and historical detail is to be believed, your listeners should not have to wade thru personal health issues. We all have them. We all need to rise above that to help form a moral and political focus which transcends personal health issues.

  4. Professor, I hope for your full recovery and I’m vitally interested in what you find out.
    I remain unvaccinated, and took Ivermectin prophylactically until it suddenly became unprescribable (two doctors who had prescribed it suddenly refused to do so again) and the pharmacies all simultaneously refused to fill existing prescriptions (last September).
    So, I contracted COVID over Christmas, a life-threatening case, and took my “reserve” Ivermectin when I finally thought I was literally going to die; it turned around overnight. Placebo, I know. Maybe. Anyway, I didn’t die.
    I took prednisone for an unrelated problem and immediately contracted COVID again in early May. I had Ivermectin and HCL on hand, and this case was miserable but not life-threatening.
    Guess what? I now seem to have kidney damage, something that had never been on my RADAR screen before… Please keep us posted, and if my experience can be of benefit — I’m in the book under my own name.

  5. This was an amazing excellent talk. Your weekend editions are terrific. Thanks, Victor and Sami. I would also encourage everyone to go to church. I have been going to church more frequently lately. The worship, music, and songs are soothing to the soul and spirit. Though, I dread listening to the sermons. I come to realize not everyone can or should be great orators.

    1. Yeah, Preachers and Padres have to wear a lot of hats. Some are better academics or really shine in caring for their flock. Regardless, churches insist on shoving them up to the front for at least 20 minutes every Sunday.

  6. I love your site. Please though stop referring to the opposition as LIBERALS! They are not, they are LEFTISTS!

    Calling them liberals gives them a soft fuzzy cover when their origins, philosophies, and behaviors are those that pattern on Mao’ s China Stalin’s Russia an Hitler’s third Reich.

    Name them.

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