The Razor’s Edge

Listen in to Victor Davis Hanson as he talks with cohost Sami Winc about Trump’s indictment and then analyzes Democratic policy from tenuous diplomacy to California’s failing state in a wet year. Something’s got to change.

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11 thoughts on “The Razor's Edge”

  1. Robert Stewart

    Victor, “millions did die” (@22:01) may be true. But it is important to remember that the mortality rate for those who were put on ventilators was 97.6%. This was no doubt regarded with indifference by those who wished to stir the pot. But at the same time the CDC/NIH were discounting therapeutics that have since been proven to be effective. This may not be prosecutable, but in my mind it was murder.

  2. Robert Stewart

    @38:45:” The whole thing has collapsed …” wrt the Abrams Accord. Your point that this is repeated for virtually everything the adimistration has touched is true. Your question about the mysterious identity of the personalities who are hiding behind the curtain is on point. I’m slipping into that age-related trench, and I know only too well that Biden is far deeper in to the hole than me. Perhaps the way to answer this question is to ask the Russians or better yet the Chinese. They have thousands of analysts who do nothing but correlate bits of information relating to people, places, and statements. Who knows, it might be the bar tender in some swanky place in Georgetown.

    1. Or, e.g., a driver/”handyman for an influential senator or a “close friend” of a rep on a House Intelligence Committee.

      Seemingly, a point not often covered regarding China is the make-up of their political House in Beijing. Firstly, in selecting their students to study overseas, they hold province wide exams and use those as a filter for selection to study abroad. The highest performers apparently are selected for a yet higher position in that Nation’s governing political body in Beijing. So, they have the cream of the crop for their political bureau decision makers. In most western nations, it may be said that selection processes are somewhat less infatuated with high intelligence quotients, especially that of America and, notably, of course, that most recently. In fact, most recently, one might conclude that our most recent selection represents the nadir of political intelligence. Nevertheless, Sun Tzu advised that is best to know the enemy and to avoid the enemy knowing us. Ergo, we should be better prepared to know their make-up and how they and why they chose that method. Also, finally, one might ask: which method is better, which method is more democratic, which is better for a republic.

  3. Robert Stewart

    (@53:40): Your final point on the “razor’s edge” is what I am most concerned about. We live in a very fragile society. The 40 million who live in LA require a lot of water and electricity. Take away either, and the pandemic of 2020 will be a trivial inconvenience. I live in Washington State and like you we have had a very cold winter and spring. But water won’t be an issue for us. Electricity is the key. A few hundred coordinated special operators could shut down our power grid for years without using a firearm. Who knows how many chinese special agents are at loose in country as I write this. The Chinese have an appreciation of history … “North wind, rain” could be the trigger. We live under multiple Swords of Damocles. Perseus is not the answer. There are way too many necks.

  4. Victor and Sami,
    You are spot on regarding the need to shore up election processes and rules well before the 2024 election. Thank you for another very informative and enjoyable podcast.

  5. Dear Mr Hanson,
    Appeared to me the Kenyan got his third term wish of delivering the lines with someone else doing the talking. All his retreads are in power positions and Biden is so compromised he could roll up the whole operation with one call to his new wing man.

  6. Dan McGlaughlin

    Just picture an argument between an old Greek mobster and a children’s librarian from Massachusetts about what is and isn’t an authentic “Lesbian tradition.” “έχετε δει τα παιδικά βιβλία; ἀποθανεῖν θέλω”

  7. Dan McGlaughlin

    I’m an actor and a dad and Two years ago I’d never heard of mRNA, but let me tell you what I’ve learned since:

    It starts with the shot they told us stays at the injection site. We know it doesn’t. They knew it didn’t. Biodistribution studies show that it goes to every major organ, primarily the heart, liver, and spleen where, thanks to the highly inflammatory lipid nano-complex, it transfects the cells. That complex contains a PEGylated lipid being mass injected into humans for the first time ever, while the animal studies showed heart attacks in pigs after the second injection.

    They ( the pharma cartels and gov’t is “they”) knew the lipid nanocomplexes collect in the ovaries, where they have the potential to cause devastating effects on reproductive health, yet they did nothing. When women started complaining of menstrual problems they did nothing. Transfected cells in every organ pump out the spike protein that ends up in the nucleus where it interrupts p53 LINE1 Embrica. Maybe they didn’t know this because they didn’t care to ask the question, and when shown in a study they still did nothing.

    Every transfected cell expressing spike protein risks autoimmune disease, the most acute of which is myocarditis. When people started dying of myocarditis they did nothing. The spike protein flows freely in the vasculature, finding its way into the brain, breastmilk, and the environment as the body sheds its protein in exosomes, making those around the vaccinated sick.

    The spike

  8. Professor Hanson and Mrs Winc,
    I hope that this message finds you safe and well. You are an inspiration. Your discussions and talks truly educate us. We need more discussions on these topics. From your mouth to God’s ears, this country can change for the better of humanity. It would be outstanding for the GOP to vote harvest in the next national election. May Providence bless you, this Country, and who listens to your Podcasts. I wish you a great and wonderful day.
    Very Respectfully Yours.

  9. Nancy C Yturralde

    I love all your podcasts and articles. It frustrates me that for me it is so difficult to explain everything you say when I want to insert one of your thoughts in a conversation or to make a point to the many people who aren’t paying attention to what is going on. Which one of your recent articles has all the information that is in this podcast about the international issues you so carefully listed and explained. I would like to have this in writing so I can study it and keep it forward in my mind.

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