The Polish Perspective on Ukraine and Gender Chaos in Ukraine

Join Victor Davis Hanson and co-host Sami Winc as they look at the news and discuss Polish President Andrzej Duda’s take on Ukraine, Attorney General Merrick Garland’s testimony on Capitol Hill, Sam Bankman-Fried’s lawyers filing suit against his parents, Ukraine hiring a trans activist as a PR person and new legislation in Pennsylvania to boost voter rolls.

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6 thoughts on “The Polish Perspective on Ukraine and Gender Chaos in Ukraine”

  1. This week both Garland and Powell looked like they saw the ghosts of American Prosperity Past, Present and Future – they were spooked. Yes for all the empty skull talking heads on national TV who would have their lemming audiences believe everything is great, to the contrary, as per VDH, the predicted day reckoning may be soon upon us. Some astute, neutral pod casters are even making compelling predictions that beginning in one week changes will befall this nation which will result in a quantum leap of history for the United States of America by mid-November. I think (this time) that the signs of a very hard landing for the US, EU and GB in October 2023 are warranted. Oh well, let’s all savor this coming first week of Fall, if this plane is headed for a crash and there is nothing we can do about it, might as well have a beer.


      I remember that Michael Medved said on his show, in response to a caller who talked about our decline, that every generation thinks things are worse than they were for the prior generation. I thought the reply to that is, yes, sometimes they are. If you lived in Rome in the middle of the 5th century, you certainly could say that things were worse than they were in your parents’ or grandparents’ or earlier generations’ time. We may very well be at such a point now.

  2. Things to remember:

    1. The claim that America can secure Ukraine’s border and its own is false because securing its own border is not a value and hence, not a priority.

    2. The Russia-Ukraine war has historical ties as eastern Ukraine was Russian for hundreds of years.

    3. The borders of Poland, Germany, Ukraine, and Russia were greatly affected by World War 2 and its resolution.

    4. More study is needed for Americans to understand the Ukraine/Russia border dispute such as why was Crimea Russian for so long, then Ukrainian, and now Russian. Why did Russian let Crimea go? Why did Russia take Crimea back? What does Russian gain from taking Crimea back today? Why did Barack Obama allow Russia to conquer Crimea? How does this dispute affect America?

    5. Why do people refer to men dressed as a woman, a woman?

    6. How irrational is the United States of America when Ukraine gains favor by hiring an American man dressed as a woman to be its spokesman? What kind of diabolical irrationality has affected the American people? What is the solution to this cultural craziness?

    7. This was a difficult broadcast to listen to since it did not end with things that are not as serious so that the listener can relax alittle. The therapeutic benefit of closing with farming methods, or childhood stories or the meaning of Tolkien’s books provided some pleasantry and relieved the soul from the burdens of this present age.

  3. Love Victor and love the show. Sorry to hear them use the politically correct pronoun re the Ukrainian spokesperson, who is not a woman.

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