The Persecution of Trump and Diane Feinstein’s Power of Attorney

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler as they discuss Donald Trump responding to charges in Washington D.C., Diane Feinstein signing over power of attorney to her daughter and how the view of government allows politicians to stay in office into their 90s with no expectation of them to leave.

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18 thoughts on “The Persecution of Trump and Diane Feinstein's Power of Attorney”

  1. Even the communist China has a mandatory retirement age. Of course it doesn’t apply to dictator Xi.

    It’s not just persecution of Trump, but President Trump. I think there is a difference. It won’t be anymore going forward. This is worse than the 60’s right? It seems that there is a path to dictatorship in America with the new norm. How come America reminds me so much of China now?

    Are Chinese American citizens (domestic/foreign born) going to get deported someday, like the Vietnamese deported them in the 70’s?


      “How come America reminds me so much of China now?”

      150 years or so of progressivism, that’s why. It is anti-liberty, pro-State, the rule of unelected experts ruling society through a totalitarian State that reaches into every aspect of its subjects’ lives.
      Its roots lie in the Jacobin phase of the French Revolution. It is antithetical to the political philosophy of our founding.
      It has been a gradual process, ever since those ideas were first brought back from Europe, and especially Germany, in the 1880s and 1890s by American academics studying there.

  2. Without a doubt, Americans want to go back to before the madness of racial animosity, hardcore green, “America is not exceptional,” and “You didn’t build that.” Don’t forget the apology tour and “love wins.” Democrat elites produce decadent, arrogant power for themselves and nothing but conflict and crisis for the rest of us. Like military invaders, they destroy our cities and systematically dismantle our culture. They kill our unborn and would reduce us to Chinese laborers and workcamp Uyghurs. How long will Americans tolerate how much corruption and police-state pressure? We’ll find out. The current trajectory will not end well if we don’t soon wake up a righteous spirit of justice and liberty.

    1. I don’t think you can identify a time before “racial animosity” in our country. It’s baked in to everything we know and experience here.

      1. Repulsive Reich is just like Fauci – so in love with Hillary that they will say and do anything to impress her!


      At the federal level, that requires a constitutional amendment. Difficult, and potentially dangerous, but not impossible.


    Regarding the “Godfather II” reference. was Frankie Pentangeli’s brother there of his own free will, to admonish his brother silently to uphold omerta? Or was he was brought there by the Corleones to emphasize that they could reach anyone, anywhere? And that if Frankie didn’t comply, they’d kill his brother, or both?
    In the movie, Tom Hagen does say that the brother had come to America on his own, to support his brother. But it is left to the audience to decide which is true, in this story?

    1. I always took it as the brother (Vincenzo) being brought there to send Frankie a warning. Vincenzo was said to be a mobster back home (not sure where I read that), so would he be so stoonhad to play a part in his own possible payback-of-Frankie assassination? I don’t think so.

  4. Victor, do you really think that MAGA will sit on their hands and let President Trump go to jail silently? I know I will not nor anyone of my friends we will say bring it and let the chips fall where they might,we fought in far off lands and were willing to lay down our lives ill be damned if k wouldn’t do it again in my own beloved. Land! Sorry but I think its really coming to this scenario is enough I will not live under the boot of these leftist scumbags never!

  5. The Best opinion about what’s really going on in our corrupt and greedy nation. I’m Conservative but I really like what I’m hearing from RFK, Jr. He’s telling the Truth about all the corrupt agencies!! I cannot vote Dem but if he ran Independent I would!! He really is a uniter!!

  6. as the tsunami of indictments descend upon DJT from attention-starved DAs across the fruited plain ..
    one must revisit the “ham sandwich” reference made forty years ago by an Appeals Court chief judge in NY .. humorous yet graphically relevant

    in their mindless zeal born of an unprecedented visceral contempt for one man ..
    these obsessed politicos have hatched a new age folk hero ..
    who may very well prove to be their worst nightmare .. may it be so

    just ask Adam & Liz ..

    erstwhile rising GOP stars relegated to anonymity after ransoming their pathetic political futures for thirty pieces of silver

  7. Democrats want to tear down dams because they believe that the environment is better without man, so that for some, they would also like to depopulate the planet.

    In contrast, God says to Adam and Eve; “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves on the earth.” (Genesis 1:28)

    The Bible teaches that man is to be the ruler of the earth and its creatures. God has given man the responsibility to populate the earth and manage its resources. The planet has been made for man. (Genesis 1)

    Today, man is God’s vice regent. One day, God, himself, will rule on earth and for this we are thankful.

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