The People’s Republic of Palo Alto

Listen as Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler discuss the failure of the Silicon Valley Bank, Dr. Fauci vs. Robert Redfield, and neighborly theft.

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13 thoughts on “The People's Republic of Palo Alto”

  1. Oh Victor I’ll pray for your roof. God will hold it and protect it. If it has pitch the snow may slide off. Then getting in may require even more work. I pray you’ll be prepared when you get there’s. Rest assured all will be well.

  2. Great podcast. Great topic. Thank you so much. You know in my business valuation career, I appraised banks and knew bankers. It’s common that when interest rates are increasing and inflation is high, you lend short and invest short. (Short Term). When interest rates are high and falling you lengthen your terms for lending and investing. It’s a no-brainer. Why wouldn’t the lending and investment desks of SVB know this?

  3. We need to figure our how to get election reform in California. Crushing Sammi .Sammi is the one that keeps VDH on the tight leash making sure he sticks to the script. That’s what makes listening to both podcasts so enjoyable. Jack let’s VDH ramble about this and that which we all enjoy. Speaking of Swalwell, he is the Congressional Rep in the district next to mine. His dad happens to be in my Nextdoor Neighborhood. Very nice guy and he says we don’t even know the half of it with the Fang Fang Story. I feel bad for him with a son like that. Eric doesn’t even live in the district. He and his family live in DC. Great show as always. I’m surprised you didn’t mention that Gavin’s 3 wineries were at Silicon Valley plus he personally banks there and I think I read his wife’s Nonprofit is there. Nonprofit ha what a joke. He gets people to hire his wife’s film production company for payoffs. Those fake people are all the same. More like the mafia.

    1. Glad to see Jack and Sami each getting some love for the strengths they bring to the show. Rumor has it that Sami is actually Finnish PM Sanna Marin and that all those wild parties between sessions are just cover for her to slip away and record the podcasts. She also dumps on the Ukrainians as a way to keep people off her scent. Jack has no secrets; he’s just a mensch!

  4. The universities goal is destruction. Period. Equity? Nationally, Only 15% of black 8th graders can read at grade level. Hispanics arent much better. In CA, schools said they were eliminating Ds and Fs for minorities so that their bad grades wont keep them out of college. The schools are accepting and encouraging people who dont belong there. Just push ‘me through. And Asians? Asian and SE Asians commit the bulk of a academic fraud. Growing up, no one ever spoke about Asian students. Never a topic. There has been a huge push to flood schools with them. ( Chinese money) The sudden change in their SAT scores was noted. No other group had a huge change, just theirs. Cheating is off the charts. Individuals and companies are making a fortune charging prospective students, both E Asian and SE Asians to guarantee entry, write their essay, have SAT and everything else taken care of. They have many online websites with details. Same if someone wants to go to college, grad school I’m in the UK and elsewhere in the West. I have many relatives, some retired who are professors in physics, engineering, biology. Their best students have always been white and had maybe a handful of Asian/ Indian students. All of a sudden, these prospective students have become geniuses who are being kept from their rightful places in our universities.😃 I admire professors here in the US and UK who have spoken out about these frauds. Here in CA, I read about all the Asians who need 6 years to complete c

    1. Nancy, You forgot the Jews, commies, Catholics, Irish, and southern Europeans. Don’t get started about the Quebecois.

  5. Victor and Jack,
    Thank you for the great assortment of topics in today’s podcast. You bring to light and expose many of the lies and destructive policies of those in power. You educate and help me to be better informed when sharing with my family, friends, and colleagues. Blessings to both of you.

  6. I lived in Palo Alto from 1938 to the beginning of WW2 when my father who had joined the army was transferred. The only university I ever wanted to attend was Stanford, and I was able to in ’49, graduating 70 years ago (our tuition was $200 per quarter). It breaks my heart to see what has become of this once great institution where we were launched with the ability to do critical thinking, rather than spout the “party” line. Yes, great things have come out of Stanford in the fields of medicine, science, and engineering. But like so many universities in the country “woke” liberalism has destroyed the core of what actually made Stanford world-class. In my years the university had honor code, but it seems to me that has been abandoned. Obviously, that was not operative in the recent instance where the Dean of Diversity made an ass of herself, but seems to represent the faculty of the school. I hope that all “thinking” alums will close their checkbooks or as I try to do, support Hoover Inst. Incidentally, I watched the tower being constructed from our little house on Churchill. This is a kind of “don’t cry for me Argentina” time.


    Is anyone surprised that current college students behave this way? They are doing just what their grandparents did in the 60s. And administrators show just as little moral courage as their predecessors did back then.
    Though, today’s administrators are the children of those spoiled Boomers who protested, who rioted, who took over campus buildings. They sympathize with today’s idiot kids.


    I’ll be the contrarian here: I like Jack better as the moderator. Sami reminds me too much of PBS/NPR hosts.

    1. To be honest, my buddy and I do debate which is the better host every time we’re at the pub. Saint Paddy’s Day found us tackling the “Great Debate” again. While I’ll always say that they’re apples and oranges, it’s good to see Jack getting some trenchant defenders. He’s a gem and a real player in his own right. Maybe we can say that Jack is Frodo and Sami (sounds Finnish, doesn’t it?) is Saruman of Many Color.

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