The Peculiar Institution of Higher Education

Victor Davis Hanson // American Greatness

Nothing is now stranger than the contemporary college campus. 

Not too long ago, Americans used to idolize their universities. Indeed, in science, math, engineering, medicine and business, these meritocratic departments and schools often still remain the world’s top-ranked. 

Certainly, top-notch higher education explains much of the current scientific, technological, and commercial excellence of the United States. 

After World War II—won in part due to superior American scientific research, production, and logistics—the college degree became the prerequisite for a successful career. The GI Bill enabled 8 million returning vets to go to college. Most graduated to good jobs. 


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1 thought on “The Peculiar Institution of Higher Education”

  1. :John-Finn: Kavanagh

    Good old adaptable humans a tong an cheek mixed in with unintended consequences.

    Here is some more word fun jousting.

    Economist ‘Horst Siebert’ coined the term “cobra effect” based on the following:
    When the British-Raj ruled India, the city of Delhi was infested with cobras.
    Maybe there is a missing connection here I don’t know about…
    I digress…
    For the enlisting of the public’s help for the eradicating-eviscerating of the snakes. Brass Hat officials offered a bounty for the cobra skins. Soon, however, a cottage industry of cobra farming sprang up. Folks were breeding them for the profit for their skins. The British shelled out increasing amounts of rupees without solving the problem. For the cobra infestation did not abate. Some even more industrious chaps were even further recycled said skins.
    But that word ‘recycle’ was a ‘woke-unknown’ at that time.
    ‘Not British old bean’.
    Them there ‘in-gin’s’ are pretty adaptable…Mmmmm
    I digress x2.

    Cobra farming only added to the problem. When authorities finally got wise that they were being scammed they withdrew the bounty, Thus the opportunistic farmers set their now-worthless horde of viper-cobras free. Sounds like congress when in rescission…
    Deair say Mmmm
    As always: the road to hell was paved with good intentions and:
    In this case slithering ones
    cobra skins.
    So: it is today…
    Vis a vie…

    A current example of this would be:
    Brigham Young University who issued the following warning:

    “Students who are ‘intentionally exposed themselves’ or ‘others’ to [Covid-19] will be immediately suspended from the university and may be permanently dismissed.”

    How you define ‘exposing themselves’ to others is a whole other question. Is living exposing oneself?
    I digress…
    But: to go on…
    “BYU apparently received ‘credible information’ [rumor-gossip…hard facts are hard come by] that ‘some students’ were trying to become ‘infected’ in order to score a bigger paycheck when donating plasma.”
    There are an awful lot of pronouns being thrown around these days…I hope they are not catching?
    I didn’t know there were co many unmasked heavy breathers up there in Provo.
    I digress
    How any of this could be proved in court is beyond me…!

    Healthy individuals are paid $50 per visit by a plasma donation center near the BYU
    Since the Chinese are into proctology Con-19 tests maybe there are openings for more Chinese BYU interns on campus. However, the same donation center offers $100 per visit for those with Covid-19 “convalescent plasma.”
    So: entrepreneurs-students are seeking to capitalize on this ‘niche market’ have seen Con-19 as an opportunity to apply Economics 101. Capitalism supply and demand at woke-work.
    Thus: con-19 frat parties are all the rage up there in Provo.
    So Fauci -Gates scare tactics are not working for them there Brigham Young Provo-Millenniums
    Say it ‘ain’t’ so!!!

    But: the larger issue is now: ‘how to get clean blood if you need a blood transfusion’?
    This is not a joke.
    Thus another woke-law suit waiting to happen.
    The Law society is very busy gingering up business after their Covid-siesta. Mmmm
    Maybe some ‘smart ass’ [is that word on or off the woke agenda yet] might apply Con-19 economic 101 to this new Cobra effect opportunity.
    Checking for Fake vaccination passports-passports is now causing 6 hour delays going through exit terminals at airports. With the 91.7. reduced airport traffic flows since con-19 started. Check in/out people-persons are now being asked to make a legal determination on paperwork be it medical or not. Practicing law without a license. WOW!
    More work for the legal beagles or are they now going to intern the surplus out of work lawyers at airport on the ck in out counters.
    ‘Wally Weardo’ in full view.

    It’s amazing how versatile and adaptable humans are.
    Hopefully people will woke-out how to make a profit by dumping on eugenicists: Fauchi-~Gates and Charles Schlub very soon.
    A lynching mob would work for me.
    I could add in a few more names but that might get me banned or ghost busted on YouTube.
    :John-Finn: Kavanagh.

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