The OTUS Among Us

POTUS, VPOTUS, and nominee for SCOTUS — Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler look at the record and at other things that reveal America asunder. Who is responsible?

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3 thoughts on “The OTUS Among Us”

  1. Professor, great points. Please don’t give them any ideas to bury the country.
    They will declare martial law before the next election. It’s that choice or lose power.

  2. Richard Borlik

    i cant wait till vdh becomes secy of ed under the next president. imagine the renaissance of logic in the country…

  3. Dr. Hanson, greetings from a loyal consumer of your books and commentary.
    I am curious about your knowledge of the Burma/India/China Theater of WWII. My late uncle recently passed away at age 103 and on the date of his passing may have been the most senior commissioned officer still living from this theater.

    What makes my uncle’s story somewhat unique was his service as a white commander of an all-black Quartermaster (Services of Supply) company. Not only was this theater oft referred to as the “forgotten theater” there is relatively little in the literature about the role of these units and those who filled the ranks. I have committed to memory my uncle’s many stories about his beloved company/soldiers and the challenges he encountered in the years prior to post-war integration.

    I am writing my uncle’s story for posterity and have visited Fort Lee and other Quartermaster training sites gathering information. I am not a trained writer of historical subjects, so I am challenged to say the least.

    Your kind response would be most encouraging of my task and much appreciated. VTY,

    Terry Oxley
    COL (R)
    US Army NG

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