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  1. “Your Old Road is rapidly aging’. Please get outta the new one if you can’t lend a hand, for the Times, they are a Changin’!” -BD

    So, is Victor humble peasant in humble Russian hut while Trump, he is big Czar in palace? Is never Czar’s fault, says peasant. Is Witte! Is Stoylypin! Is rah-rah Rasputin, lover of our Russian Queen! Czar is Great Man! Could be true. Bolsheviks still shoot Czar and take all Peasant’s food. Now Victor is like Ukrainian. Victor will not send aid to Victor cuz boarder wall, but does grow nice beard like Zelenskyy. Wife thinks very sexy…? Who knows.

  2. When the letter of the law cannot even keep up with crimes dreamt up by State players, (think Twitter and FTX or even gain-of-function funding) you know the growth of corruption escaped the petri dish as sure as Covid escaped the lab.

    Twitter is a crime scene.
    FTX was a crime scene.
    The DOJ was and is a crime scene.
    The FBI was and is a crime scene.
    The CIA was and is a crime scene.
    The DNC was and is a crime scene.

    We lack even the codification for some crimes being committed right now. But even when we do we fail. Perjury before congress is a crime. Yet Comey, McCabe, Brennan, Clapper, Mueller, Dorsey, all lied. More than 50 high ranking Intelligence personnel lied to the public for the most nefarious purpose imaginable, to sway an election!

    Where is the codification used to charge those going after members of one political party but not the other? Flynn was jailed for less egregious offense. Political persecution should be against the law.

    The IRS was a crime scene under Obama.

    The highest ranking government officials, including our President and Cabinet members roam free while committing treasonous behavior right under our nose.

    The victory of the left is near complete. First they challenge the very foundations of your institutions. Then they occupy and corrupt them so badly that even you no longer have faith.


    The catalog of lies and offenses being committed today is literally impossible to catalog. The common man cannot even keep a list this

  3. I saw the clip where Cotton(?) told the exec to find sympathy elsewhere.
    Are we sure that’s senatorial or even productive?
    Seems like an invitation to be primaried to me.

  4. I’ve been listening to your podcast long enough that I didn’t realize I had conversed with you before, and while I don’t always agree with you, your positions are generally well thought out which makes your podcast worth my time. However, this is the first time I believe I’ve ever heard you say something that simply makes no sense. The concern that you raised about Donald Trump was that just because he has concerns about the election we can’t simply ignore the Constitution. In other words, the rules are the rules and we must abide by them.

    But they didn’t. We now know with certainty that there was massive election tampering and your response is that we must let it go because the Constitution doesn’t mention any recourse for something like this. I agree, it doesn’t. But if the rules are the rules, they apply to all sides, and some correction must be made if the rules were not followed. Anything else is simply an invitation for perpetual violation of the rules because those who are willing to cheat will do so with the understanding that there are no consequences.

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