The Origins of War in Gaza

Listen in as Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler talk about Biden’s cameos on Israel, protestors in the streets and hypocrisy of Hamas supporters in our elite universities, the lying administration, the clear hatred of Jews and scenes from Gaza.

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12 thoughts on “The Origins of War in Gaza”

  1. For VDH a beginning in understanding the motive and weapon of Islams violence against all people not of Islam.

    A series of short videos explain why western understanding of Islam lacks the essential skills required.

    Unpack the Secrets of Sharia provides why the word compromise does not exist nor does negotiations.

    Hussein Obama is very skilled and in full support of Sharia.
    Joe Biden and Hussein both state Islam is a must in America.

    Sharia is an Obligation all followers must obey. Deception in the west allows denial which serves only Allah.

    Sharia depends on deception to breath, at the very least follow along as Lloyd De Jongh reveals the secrets of Sharia.

    1. Words words words – – Try “beheading” as a new common word. Get used to it. These unwashed swine are by the million and they are bringing about the end of the western World as we know it. You are welcome. You voted.

  2. Hamas and the Palestinians are probably envious of Israel. They certainly hate the Jews and they do not want to co-exist with them.

    It seems the Muslim world only understands and respects strength.

    Hamas needs to be wiped off the face of the planet.

    1. I agree with you to which I would add Islam is more a political construct than a religion. Plus, it’s brutaly Medievil in nature & behavior, i.e., the only major religion that never underwent a reformation. It’s a plague on societies.

  3. truth be told ..

    American weakness & incompetence projected globally ..
    ensures an uncertain, dangerously volatile neighborhood

    .. the world’s on fire .. directionless & vulnerable

    thanks to the parade of feckless stooges at the helm of the ‘good ship lollipop’ in D.C. ..

    rogue states & raucous factions worldwide run roughshod over freedom & decency ..
    while the absence of a school marm to supervise the playground facilitates the quagmire

    well past time to RIGHT the ship of state ..

  4. Almost immediately after earning his Surface Warfare Officer designation, Kirby switched from Navy line to public relations. I don’t understand why Dr. Hanson could feel even a little bit sorry for a man who sold his soul and integrity for promotion and expected eventual riches.

    1. When I see and hear Admiral Kirby speak, he reeks of insincerity, and a word immediately comes to mind. That word is “weasel”.

  5. Lynda Choynacky

    In our country politics is all about money and power period. Nothing else matters to them. It is an ugly buisness.

  6. increasingly obvious to the casual observer ..
    that elected office projects a $$ price obligatory for political longevity. ..

    behold the current occupant of the Oval Office ..
    whose daily dose of useful consciousness dramatically erodes with each passing day ..

    .. were it not for disgustingly complicit media carrying the water ..
    every waking hour would portend a constitutional crisis devoid of tangible leadership for this nation

    behind the scenes, invisible power brokers dictate behavior ..
    cleverly manipulating the willing puppets in a pitifully cheap melodrama of spin & opinion journalism ..
    facts be damned

    in the meantime, we the obedient steerage proletariat endure with an over abundance of ‘bread & circuses’ in the form of today’s cannabis & casinos ..
    to mask & dull all our troubling doubts and viable concerns

    never mind the darkening skies ..

    party on dudes

  7. islam is a failure and will go on failing. Violence doesn’t doesn’t change anything but rather motivates just people into action. Wait and see.

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