The Obama Administration’s Chicago Politics

“If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.”

by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online


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9 thoughts on “The Obama Administration’s Chicago Politics”

  1. Depending on who believe, our own (Republican) leadership may be as guilty.
    As another Chicago native, Al Capone, put it,”You can get further with a kind word and a gun, than with a kind word alone”.

  2. Sounds like you’re on to him—a racist whose best buddy is Al Sharpton; a Marxist who looks just like his father/mentor, Frank Marshall Davis; and, a radical Islamist who was brought up as a Muslim in Indonesia and somehow in spite of the Islamist State still declares Islam as a religion of peace!!!


  3. How did such a radical antigen like Barak Obama ever get elected? The evidence of his radicalism, despite the Media’s attempt to either ignore or downplay it, was in plain sight. Was there mass revulsion when video surfaced of Rev. Wright’s thundering “God Damn America” comments made one week following 9/11 in a church that Obama had spent 20 years attending and had baptized his kids? Perhaps the smelly Tony Rezko land dead would have prompted the Media to investigate the unknown Obamas with the same verve and excitement used against George W. Bush when bogus accusations about his National Guard service made front page news? Did Michelle’s angry unpatriotic outbursts give the American public cause to rethink its blind embracement of her and her largely mysterious husband? Shouldn’t the pretense of “hardly knowing” radical domestic terrorist Bill Ayers have insulted the intelligence of most Americans? And when you add all of these disturbing red flags to BO’s glaring lack of executive experience, his thin résumé, his secrecy regarding his college transcripts which included an apparent dearth of “outstanding” essays as editor of the Harved Law Review, and his unremarkable record as an Illinois state senator where the guru of Hope and Change had voted “present” 130 times a clear picture emerges of phony, unqualified, and dangerously radical presidential candidate. Yet, we elected him twice.

    Since the Sixties, the radical Left, like a mutating virulent bacterium, has learned how to overcome the immune defenses of our democracy. By using political correctness to control language and, thus, political discourse we have inadvertently elected the most damaging, far-left ideologue imaginable. And he’s now completely untethered by the checks and balances of our government, the probing eye of a disintersted media, and the result of his next election.

    Buckle-up, a year and a half is a long time.

  4. “” Russia’s defense ministry to set up new air assault group in Siberia.”” From Tass. “” Russians wary of land deals with China asia times.”” Tibet became China. Mongolia will become China………..

  5. I keep seeing the evidence of corruption – The Dr. is preaching to the choir. What I don’t see is the 50% of the population that worships our fearless democratic leader budging in their unfailing loyalty to all things “big and bigger government”. (Don’t get me started on the media and npr).

  6. Great article however did not mention Nobama’s punishment of Dinesh D’Souza, which was shameful, even by Chicago standards.

  7. I can only hope that Obama now embarking on busting neighborhoods , makes his inaugural push to infest posh neighborhoods with the worst of the worst. I hope he does it in Beverly Hills–home of his Marxist supporters. Now that his spying operation is complete–he knows everything about us never mind that this spying on citizens is unconstitutional without a warrant.–our salaries, our savings, our pensions, our spending, our debt, our race, what our homes are worth etc. and he is ready to come in for the kill. Infiltrate good neighborhoods and schools with the dreck of society and illegal alien criminals and resettlement of unvetted muslim refugees all on full welfare for life. Then use our tax dollars to accomplish this Marxist wet dream of his. It will be his good- bye gift to us as he goes off to retirement with secret service protection for life and also for his family and Valerie jarrett and a huge pension and an office and a huge allowance for operating said office to spew even more muslim, Marxist propaganda.

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