The New Commandments on the Animal Farm Barn Wall

by Victor Davis Hanson

NRO’s The Corner

1. Savvy Americans always see through the fraud in the end and do the right thing are infantile and don’t know what’s good for them.

2. Democracy is finally working again in decline and the people are ungovernable.

3. The filibuster is a much-needed check on the Bush-Cheney steamrolling nexus evil.

4. Bloggers and pundits overwhelmingly support much-needed progressive change are a D.C. echo chamber we should ignore.

5. Congress has become a Culture of Corruption is full of hard-working servants who more than earn the perks they sometime receive.

6. Americans and their politicians should listen to brave voices of dissent within the intelligence community must support in bipartisan fashion their government’s policies against terrorism.

7. Bipartisanship is simply caving to Republican obstructionism a way to get the country moving again.

8. Trying KSM in New York is proof of the resiliency of the American systemproblematic.

9. Guantanamo Bay will be shut down a year from the inauguration sometime, perhaps, in the future.

10. Deficits are proof of the reckless Bush-Cheney fiscal policies necessary stimuli designed to move our country in a fairer and more equitable direction.

11. Wall Street bankers are greedy fat cats savvy businessmen whom we don’t begrudge.

12. C-Span should air health-care debates should never be allowed to air insider horse-trading will air bipartisan exchanges with the president.

©2010 Victor Davis Hanson

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