The Mugshot Seen Worldwide

Join Victor Davis Hanson and co-host Jack Fowler as they discuss President Trump’s mugshot, special counsel Jack Smith’s continuing investigation and hounding of Trump, additional thoughts on last week’s GOP debate and the art of victimization.

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20 thoughts on “The Mugshot Seen Worldwide”

  1. Always informative and fair from someone who has actually “walked the walk” in life and is so honestly in touch with the working man. Would love to see a format where Victor debates his left wing equivalent. Keep speaking your mind and doing the good work you are doing.


      I’d like to see such a format, too, but generally, Leftists don’t debate. They decline invitations to go on radio shows, for example, such as Dennis Prager’s or Sebastian Gorka’s. Hugh Hewitt gets some to come on his show, reporters mostly, but the occasional politician. On those shows, a guest is likely to get a fair opportunity to have a real discussion. The same was true of Larry Elder when he still had his radio show. But as Prager notes, they’re afraid to debate, because their ideas and arguments are revealed to be false, foolish, indefensible. The same reason that politically, they seek to use the executive and the judiciary to get their way, because when their platforms are truly revealed, no one in his right mind would vote for them.

    2. First, there is no “left wing equivalent”. One merely needs to listen to corporate media and voices of Ivy League U’s and most public higher education colleges to understand that washed brains hold very low probability of understanding much beyond their obviously fallacious logic and lack of critical thinking. Second, debating with a brain washed sophomore lefty would be unproductive, worthless, and a complete waste of time and energy. Better to prepare for the upcoming battle November 2024.

  2. The leftists have been projecting their own actions on the conservative bloc for a very long time…see Rules for Radicals! We all seem to be wrapped around the axle with the in-the-weeds hand-to-hand combat and we revel in small victories and wring our hands with small defeats. My question is from the 30,000 foot view. What is the leftist end game? Is it global, centralized communistic control by an elite autocracy? Judging by the actions of our uniparty politicos, Hollywood influencers and artists, mainstream media, and the existing bureaucratic, unelected state…it certainly appears to be. My second question is, if the previous premise is true, how do these leftists, who revel in subjugation of the people of the world, expect to be treated by their new masters in this brave new world? I submit that all but a few will be thrown under the bus with the rest of us as “useless eaters”!Is that even an imagined possible outcome for them? The laws of unintended consequences certainly seems to be in play here in the last bastion of liberty and freedom.

  3. I always love Victor’s wisdom on many different subjects but when Victor started talking about All Star Wrestling, that brought back so many fond memories. I remember performing the “Claw” on my younger brothers for many years. Victor’s memory of the wrestling stars were my same memories of the talented wrestlers that I saw many times on our black and white television set. I love all those wrestlers portrayed as the good guys. Freddy Blassy was always one of the bad guys of course. Thank you again for the wrestling segment. Blessings from Mark in Texas

    1. Ditto.
      My sister’s father-in-law was the Masked Marvel in the NW. Weekly they ‘rassled’ on black and white tv. Russ R, NW PSE lineman, always liked a good laugh and interestingly often had people like the retired Brown Bomber, Joe Louis, and other elite athletes of that era as visitors to their Lake Hills home in Bellevue WA. Such memorable and even innocent days not that many years after the end of WW2.

    2. While my main interest in listening to Victor is his “historian’s sober and judicious take” on current events, I especially love the tangents that Victor and Jack sometimes find themselves discussing. Where else would you hear interesting and compelling stories about farm tractor mechanical woes, or 1960’s era televised wrestling (growing up in Buffalo, we got the Canadian version). As to things parents didn’t want us to watch, I would add UHF channel reruns of Star Trek and Monty Python on the old black and white set relegated to the basement.

  4. I have to say Tucker Carlson is really good after he got fired.

    I don’t know what happened to Victor. I could be wrong, but it seems like he has too many podcasts and too little to say.

    Sorry. I am a rude SOB.

  5. On the Steve Deace show today 08/29/2023 they played a clip that must have been 15 or 20 years old of some Senate committee hearings. Both Vivek Ramaswamy and Pete Buttigieg testified. They were both college students at the time way before politics.

    I can’t find the clip to send you a link. I don’t have any “pull” so maybe you could send Glen Beck a text asking about the clip.

    So why is this interesting?

    Well, I find the odds of both those guys independently called in the same hearing extremely high. Then both ending up Presidential candidates.

    In fact, I find it so odd that I won’t consider Vivek as a candidate. And I would NEVER even consider Buttigieg.

    Valencia, Ca.

  6. Dear Victor – I love your intelligence and your work. The video audio online was taking forever to load up. Would you please use rumble (audio or video)? I think it would stream way better than what you are using. Twitter is my 2nd (not preferred) choice. I like Rumble as it’s a FREE website owned by Dan Bongino. Your knowledge is way too good to for others not to hear or view.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  7. Mr. Victor David Hanson . My grandfather, grandmother lived in Selma ,California. They lived between the old Hyw 99 before they finished the new new Hyw 99 and the Railway. I remember how much noise there was between the constant road traffic of cars and Big Rigs and the constant noise of the Railroad trains made sleeping difficult. Yet that experience made visiting my grandparents all the more memorable. Dewey’s Septic Tank Service was a big business back in the day. I have so many great memories of visiting Selma most of my life. BTW I am 70 years old and my life was rooted in Selma.

  8. Maybe McConnell will drop dead before Mr.B. America is just like communist countries with all these old farts holding on to power. Who the hell elected these ancient artifacts? I must be getting old. There was a time I thought the government and the society at large has good guys and bad guys. But it appears….we just have old guys and older guys.

  9. Prior to subscribing to The Blade of Perseus, I only heard Victor on FOX, where he speaks in carefully measured thoughts and words. But on these podcasts he tends to ramble freely and mispronounce frequently. At first I was shocked, but now I find these Victorisms hilarious. He admitted this flaw recently, but Jack said it just adds to Victor’s “allure.” I wonder, sometimes, how Jack and Sami keep a straight face?!? — Victor, you are brilliant and insightful while at the same time humble and sensible. I am grateful to be in your audience. What a pleasure to learn from you.

  10. Vivek Ramaswamy – An America-first and anti-woke candidate yet…

    1. Lied about not having investments in China.
    2. Accused all the candidates of being and paid for.
    3. Never held a public office.
    4. Unknown values and political positions.
    5. No or little participation in voting.

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