The Moral Crisis on Our Southern Border

A perfect storm of special interests have hijacked U.S. immigration law.

by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online


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14 thoughts on “The Moral Crisis on Our Southern Border”

  1. Larry L. Peterson

    Mr. Hanson you have articulated the situation perfectly. The difficulties in the U. S. stem from an amoral ruling elite. What’s even worse is their sense of moral superiority over us unwashed masses.

  2. Will the outrage that most voters feel over this illegal invasion overseen my the Obama Administration translate into votes against his fellow travelers in Congress in November?

  3. And what does Mexico gain from their complicity in this invasion? Obviously the Mex govt has a long term strategy to allow their lower classes to emigrate to the US. But don’t they fear a backlash from the invasion will cutoff the emigration of their mestisos?

  4. linnea mogren

    Today African Americans have begun to revolt against this invasion and the demands that the poor accept the continued loss of jobs and opportunities to illegals. The Mexican and Central Americans keep wages low for poor American citizens. Especially African Americans. They also face violent racism in their schools and neighborhoods which is never reported because the media can’t place the culpability in white folks.

    There’s another onerous political outcome. The pro-illegal crowds have been chanting ” this is stolen land ” which obviously means they want revolution. The American southwest is in great danger of eventually being carved up like the Balkans in the early 90s. We can only imagine the slaughter and conflict which could truly occur with the support of the American left.

  5. I remember a few year back when one of the rounds of fires were burning through California, when it turned out that many of the big employers of illegals were driving them back out to work in the fields with threats of deportation if they didn’t work even in areas under mandatory evacuation.

    It struck me that many of these were the same people clamoring for a steady stream of illegal immigrants, and agitating against anyone who objected.

    It seems to me that the leaders of the amnesty faction are really trying to create a new serf class, maintained at the public’s expense, but at the same time, subject to arbitrary law enforcement at the whims of the amnesty leaders, and that they are further attempting to distract these new serfs from the people who are actually abusing them by agitating them against the legal citizen who pay for their upkeep.

    Basically, they are playing an elaborate game of “let’s you and him fight” between the legals and illegals, and looting both parties for all they are worth.

  6. What if the plan was this:

    a) Progressives, seeing the November election results looking dismal, planned a year ago… to get South of Mexico sourced… babies, children, teenagers and pregnant mothers to flood the Southern borders… Such young ones are an huge expense!

    b) Knowing Congress might deny funds to such, Obama knows he can enact some emergency stimulus which is part of the plan (but not entire plan.) THIS stimulus (more borrowing) works to get the velocity of money where the GDP doesn’t evidence a depression by Fall voting time (which it otherwise will, unless other ways of cheating the numbers aren’t used by statist-towering-genius-masterminds.)

    c) This, uh hum, “voting” stimulus works to keep a complete change of admin happening in Fall of 2014.

    d) However, just before 2016, when the still existent depression WOULD make a complete house-cleaning full sweep of Tea Part Patriot voting results… the BIGGEST plan, the LONG plan… would kick in, conveniently.

    e) A 100-year overdue financial meltdown will be permitted to finally happen. It’s cause is actually from 1913, the creation of a state-planning financial system (the Fed Reserve & endless government debt & currency devaluation & fractional bank money-making & bankster skimming plenary powers & amplification (vs. natural lessening) of every boom-bust swing cycle (it gives “towering genius” their reason d’être) SO THAT…

    f) By 2016 a newer, worse financial system will be put into place than the one in 1913, 1932, 1944, 1971, 2008…) (Then, it won’t matter if a Tea Party Patriot majority runs things for a while… a newer, more statist, more controlling, more difficult-to-remove financial world system will be fixed in place….)

    g) This way the NEXT 100 years will be MORE master-minded, more Communistic, more state-planned… than the last 101.

    h) The LONG game being played is possible to be played by the excellencies sucked out of the Industrial Revolution, the electronic revolution, the digital revolution, the medical revolution, space revolution, etc.

    i) Because of the internet, people are seeing that 7 billion planners (the earth’s population) are better at planning, by free-market choice and liberty and banning mastermind egos from levers of control, than a few hundred masterminds running the IMF, G-20, Russia, Wall Street Banks, the Fed, the WSJ, CNN, Universities, seminaries…. and the masterminds know this. So they are trying to retain control for the next 100 years.

  7. Brion Mitchell

    Mr Hanson,

    Your writing is spot on. I often wonder myself how many of these proponents of unabated immigration would take these people into their own homes. Hypocrisy, it isn’t just for breakfast any more.

    Keep up the good work.

  8. I thought America was broke… I thought we were deeply in financial trouble………I must be wrong, we are going to force working americans to feed, house, support, give medical to MILLIONS………..I can’t afford dental for my own family, I cannot afford to take care of more.


  9. I felt like cheering as I read your article! Everything I am thinking and feeling about this current immigration crisis accurately outlines my utter disgust with the leaders in the countries from where these immigrants come and the so-called leaders of my own government.

    The protesters of this invasion have one main thing in their favor, their complete and ‘real’ aversion to what is happening. They are not hiding their displeasure, nor do I believe they should.

    Bravo for a well written article that gives those of us who protest this invasion a logical voice. Sometimes the logic is hard to find when emotions are engaged.

  10. Mr. Hanson,

    Your articles regarding illegal immigration are the most accurate depiction of the mess we have created over the last two decades. As I have worked in immigration enforcement for the past seventeen years, you are one of the very few authors who actually tells it like it is. I often challenge the Los Angeles Times to print your articles as a counterpoint to their pro-illegal immigration stance but I’m afraid that would never happen in my lifetime. Thank you for having the courage to speak the truth!

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