The Middle East on the Mind

This time Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc talk about Victors travels in the Middle East including his brush with death in Libya, the vortex of Victor’s ongoing home repair, and the troubles with the Iran Nuclear deal.

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14 thoughts on “The Middle East on the Mind”

  1. Professor Hanson,
    Thank you very much for the copious content! You have replaced Rush as my guide to sanity and wisdom in this regressive age, a feat I would have thought impossible. Yes, I have been a follower for years, but your presence in my weekly machinations has indeed filled the void left by El Rushbo. Thank you. On another topic, since you traveled to these destinations and have seen them first hand, do you have any opinion on the growing evidence of a pre-deluvian civilization that was a precursor to the ancients that we study? Evidenced by sites in Turkey such as Gobekli Tepe? Just curious, thanks again!

  2. Carolee Wilson

    I was fortunate enough to visit Egypt, Turkey, Greece as well as the 7 wonders of the world at a time when it was safe & possible. How long will it be before another generation can safely explore our world’s fascinating history? It is ironic that I am also living through the most dangerous times in the history of our country. I guess there is no Ying without the Yang.

  3. Dennis J McVey

    Please post a picture of your hoiuse??? Maybe Bob Villa wil have sympathy and come to your rescue?!!!?

  4. Carolyn Conway

    Thank you so much for this episode. My middle son would have identified with your experiences living in your “old house”. He was a contractor usually dealing with old construction, antiquated plumbing, wiring and deferred maintenance in our community. Unfortunately, he died suddenly at 56. I think our Lord took him home to Heaven for eternal rest.

    You have been given very special gifts. Please keep sharing your knowledge. The world needs men like you.

  5. Tamim David Hammad

    Love your political comments, scholarly depth and western erudition; I have 2 of your recent books and look forward to your newest publication. However I would like to offer one small correction on today’s short review on Lebanon’s current political troubles: you confused “phalangists” with the Phoenicians who were the ancestral people of the modern Lebanese. Thanks always for the most enjoyable hours in your weekly podcasts and printed commentary.

  6. You did not bore me at all. I loved hearing your stories about your house and your travels.
    I especially love hearing about Israel.
    I thought it was a mistake for them not to re-elect Netanyahu.
    As a Jew I hope to make Alyiah to Israel someday but with anyone other than Bibi in charge it scares me a little to visit the country. .I very much look forward to hearing about your tour you have coming up there. Although I will miss your regular podcasts while you’re away. Hopefully you will dedicate an entire podcast episode about your trip.
    Thanks to you always for the wisdom you impart. I always feel a little smarter about the world after listening to you.
    Also if you could speak more about our home state I would very much appreciate it.
    Rose Fisk

  7. So, aside from the fact that Victor is among the prophets, we have no learned that the elusive Ms. Wink (insert illustrious titles here)also owns dogs!

  8. Steve Schlissel

    I LOVED your recitation of the house reno. And as an old house owner, I have perfect empathy! Great attitude.

  9. Home improvement, as any fan of Tim Allen will tell you, is a socially acceptable form of indulging one’s taste for schadenfreude.

  10. Love when Victor talks home, travels, and ancient history. Well . . . history of any kind.

    I just can’t tune into any more politics and culture wars anymore. Listening to him be right as he goes over every incriminating fact again and again – it’s mentally exhausting.

    I think that stuff is best left to news appearances where it will reach a lot of persuadable people. On his site, it’s preaching to the choir a little too often.

    I think the best stuff he offers is the old and deep wisdom that comes from the classics, farming, and family. I could listen to him endlessly on those topics.

    God preserve him for a long time to come.

  11. Charles Krauthammer was a great loss to me, but along came VDH. I am so fortunate. I do hope you will do an autobiography. Your trips, trials and tribulations were of great interest.

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