The Masking Marauder

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5 thoughts on “The Masking Marauder”

  1. Thank you Dr Hanson, you are a national treasure. God’s blessings on you and your family. Please let us know if you head to the east coast!

  2. The Podcasts aren’t as entertaining as being able to read what Dr. VHD has to say. I wish more articles would be published and less podcasts. I realize that trying to please everyone pleases no one, so I’ll just look for his articles to read on-line. Love his sensible analysis and brillance.

  3. So now that the CDC says that vaccinated people cannot be infected, except in extremely rare situations, and even then only mildly, and cannot be carriers, why are we wearing masks. Government can’t seem to let go.

  4. Years ago Charlie Rose interviewed Nancy Pelosi when she first became speaker, asking her policy goals, her telling response, a “public private partnership”. Our esteemed congresswoman Anna Eshoo, says the same. FDR, my esteemed high school’s illustrious east coast old money trust fund baby graduate, is proof positive of the “pubic” running amok: unemployment, recession and food lines, mixed in with huge “infrastructure” money losing projects of questionable value. Paid for of course by the taxpayer, with politicians and their cronies getting their fat cut. There we go again, as Reagan might say, with Biden’s 2 trillion infrastructure boondoggle.

    I’m astounded at these ladies in their late 70’s and 80’s, Eshoo from the Central Valley and a family history tracing back to the Armenian genocide, Pelosi from a father who consorted with the Baltimore mafia, proof positive that with age cometh wisdom, not necessarily.

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