11 thoughts on “The Many Worlds of Roger Kimball”

  1. Victor – Why my friends deserted me? Why why why?

    Roger – I don’t know the answer to that.

    Trump – I am not perfect. But, I love the U. S. A.

      1. Phil’s new to the political game. I’m definitely not saying you can’t tell him off, but realize that he is finding his feet.

  2. Darn, this was an absolutely fantastic conversation to listen to. One of my favorites so far.
    Thank you VDH, RK, SW.

    1. Hear! Hear! I like the final word. To quote Tennyson:

      But if our crowned Republic’s crowning common sense fail her not, their fears are morning shadows, larger than the shapes that cast them; not those far gloomier that forbade the darkness of that last weird battle in the West, where all of high and holy fades away.

  3. Thank you for another interesting guest, Roger Kimball. It’s great to hear about other reputable sources and publications. You covered some topics of which I’d not heard about. I am grateful to have your podcasts and articles which help me to better understand the complexities of events, current and past.

  4. Charles Carroll

    A recurring theme in many of Dr. Hanson’s comments is that prominent players previously known for conservative pasts seem to have caved to “woke” donors/corporations/etc. in order to maintain incoming or future revenue opportunities. This begs the question, “Why?” Didn’t these people save any of their past revenue? Aren’t most of these prominent people millionaires/multi-millionaires? Wouldn’t it be great if interlocutors would publicly ask them about this? Embarrass them! Do you really need to compromise your legacy to obtain a new position? Are you in danger of going to the poor house? Or even the middle-class house? Didn’t you save any of your past revenue? How many houses do you have; or need?

    1. Thomas O'Brien

      Good points, Charles. Maybe their greater fear isn’t loss of income but just being demoted in status; No longer getting the recognition or awards they once received. In my view it is a window into what they are made of.

      And what of these awards? Imagine the prestige that the Pulitzer prize once had. For me that all went out the window when it was not withdrawn from its recipients that, time revealed, wrote a phony Trump Russian Collusion story.

    2. Simple answer is that homes, cars, stocks, rvs, aren’t liquifiable assets in a recession. Unless you are truly rich, your position actually becomes more and more tenuous the more you earn.

  5. Joel Savransky

    Love the interview especially Roger’s sense of humor and sarcasm he calls himself a person of color “pinkish” great! Thank you Victor for these great personalities you bring to us!

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