The Many Puzzles of Public Policy and Perception

Join us as Victor Davis Hanson talks with cohost Sami Winc about how the Ukraine War might end, racial disconnections, midterm elections, the “American Innovation and Choice Online Act,” and news from the Durham Investigation.

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3 thoughts on “The Many Puzzles of Public Policy and Perception”

  1. Stephen William Mc Dougall

    Hey Victor,

    Love your analysis of the US but you might want to watch the Duran podcasts as they have a different take on the Ukraine war.


  2. Thank you. David Hanson. I am 60 devorced woman. Due to just trying to survive raising children alone. I never had time to really educate myself on the workings of politics,culture but certainly felt it has gone all wrong. The future of my grandchildren very bleak despite our Country,’s various claims.What we typically learn. I have been listening to your tubes videos. I am looking forward to your book. How do we share this information with the young who can not even have ears to hear. It’s all muted out with ideas of humanism. equity issues. Your videos make so much sense to me. I am Catholic but my children do not identify with any religion. Thank you for your wisdom.

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