The Likes of Dickensian London

Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler examine the racism of the word “the,” the riots in Atlanta and the Antifa nexus, and the war in Ukraine.

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15 thoughts on “The Likes of Dickensian London”

  1. ‘The’ a forbidden word? Plain silliness. That’s like the Knights of Nee from Monty Python’s Holy Grail and the one word the Knights of Nee could not hear, what was it? Oh no – that’s it, it’s ‘it’, oops I said ‘it’ again…

  2. Ok, Victor, float a proposal. On what terms do you think Putin will accept peace at this point and what should be done to force Ukraine to accept them if they don’t want to budge either? The point of Russian “Active Measures” has never been primarily to produce “Useful Idiots” but to put as many reasonable people as possible into a state of hopeless paralysis. Are you in a state of hopeless paralysis? Are you angry that others (the fools!) Aren’t? Then state and argue for what terms you think can realistically be negotiated. Even Kissinger isn’t with you at this point, so it’s incumbent on YOU to do more that than try to poke holes literally every other day at impressionistic paintings of other people’s plans.


        This is off-topic, Edward Smith, but how did you upload an image for your avatar? All that I can do is upload a background for my profile. I haven’t found any way to upload an image as my avatar. And the site has no visible link to ask about support and technical issues.
        The only contact I’ve found so far, was a link in the confirmation when my subscription renewed. I sent an email but never got a reply.
        In the scheme of things, it’s not important. But if we can do it, I’d like to do it.
        Thanks in advance!

    1. You speak of Russia pre-1991. There is no USSR, and we here in the US live in more of a totalitarian state than the Russians do. You seem to be stuck in the cold war like many boomers. Eggs are mere cents in Russia right now, a lb of ground beef around 2$. I don’t know where you are getting your propoganda from, but it isn’t serving you well.

  3. …Putin has told us what he wants. Instead of theorizing that he wants something else (on what evidence?) why not calculate what it will take to change his mind (if there’s sufficient evidence to make such a calculation). Otherwise, time and tanks may tell.

    Finally, you and Jack lay the F**** off of Zelenskyy. It doesn’t matter how many times the man says “thank you,” you won’t hear it. He doesn’t keep asking for more, he asked for all this s**** in the beginning and Joe has waffled and gone back and forth perhaps needlessly prolonging the war. Putin is the enemy, Joe is his accidental aid (unless you’re Charles Cooke at NRO). You guys treat Zelenskyy like old boy administrators interviewing a college rape victim (and yes, I have had to serve as advocate and adviser in an academic setting for more victims in my time than I care to count): “I don’t like your tone young lady, you’re hysterical, he has rights too, what were you wearing, are you sure; because this could really hurt the school!” You can’t make Putin stop so you take it out on Zelenskyy. I’m an American too, btw. And I think America’s interests lie with Ukraine -no playing the natpop moral high ground card for you!

    1. Methinks you need to employ a bit of critical thinking. Zelensky is an actor, and Ukraine is The West’s money-laundering and corruption hub. So, Zelensky plays his part ( have you not noticed his previously squeaky little voice is now a caricature of an Eastern European strongman, complete with grunting and spitting? Or that his comedy troupe wardrobe is replaced with an Il Douche outfit? ) and our elites loot the treasury AND get rid of the evidence. No amount of simping for Zelensky will change this fact: Russia is winning and will win, and we accomplish nothing but the further degradation of our nation and more military humiliation, with the bonus of a nuke WW3. Your take is going to age like a dirty diaper in the summer sun. Respectfully.

      1. Um, could you argue for your point instead of making a string of hyperbolic and unsupported assertions? I posted a list of where I get my propaganda from. Where do you get yours?

        Thanks for the respect, I take your comments in that tone (forceful, not personal).

  4. Agreed. It’s symptomatic of having a life with far too much leisure time and not knowing the stress of productive work. Such folly will likely soon select out the fools from any adaptive technique for survival. Deservedly so.

  5. If true, the obstacles to Russians using American equipment aren’t that substantial. Russian factories have been producing 5.56 and 7.62 NATO ammo for the US civilian market for 20 years or more, so at least there he’s not limited to what the Taliban feel like selling.
    As for the rest, at the very worst, Putin could build useful OPFOR components to his armed forces and of course lots of reverse engineering opportunities become available.

    1. Yeah. If Biden wants to do the US and Ukraine both a solid, he should see if any of those abandoned assets are still stockpiled together and bomb them to into oblivion if possible. He SHOULD have done that as a matter of course after ordering our skedaddle, as Victor has pointed out.

  6. Here’s what’s sad about Ukraïne – the same people who said the walls were closing in on 45 and everyone who voted for 45 was a racist who deserved jail or worse have a hardon for Z – and turned Ukraïne into a loyalty sieve. Just like with the Coof.
    Unless we rip the propaganda machine out by the root, I.e. total Carthage solution, we’re just a round-eyed China.

    1. Um, I have to ask you dude (in my best Shawn Connery voice): “how do you know about your first assertion? Have you, ah, tested it scientifically?” I’m having flashbacks of Dr. Chilton in Silence of the Lambs. Careful! Some of those libs will eat your liver with favas beans if you get too close without a mask!

      Anyhow, if you’re getting rid of the propaganda machine, could you chuck Fox News next to CNN?

      I don’t know about eye shape in a multiracial democracy, but I do know that the CCP propaganda machine insists that all Han have round eyes and white skin.

      1. Word salad. Pointless rebuke containing no assertions of your own. “Dude” is right. I don’t know what it is you’re attempting to posit.

        1. It’s a gently teasing and elliptical way of saying: “that’s just a bunch of hyperbolic and partisan assertions and the last part is flagrantly racist.” Do you need me to directly state that it’s word salad to accuse anyone who didn’t support Trump but supports Zelenskyy of doing so because it causes them to experience the physiological symptoms of sexual arousal? Nothing burger.

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