The Liberal World Order?

On this episode VDH and cohost Jack Fowler discuss the Biden enigma, the new Liberal World Order, 4th of July resistance, and the new Left angst about the Supreme Court.

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4 thoughts on “The Liberal World Order?”

  1. Appreciate your commentary on current events.
    Common sense from a person that lives in the world most of us do. Mr Hanson please continue to speak the truth as this helps us without a voice.

    Anarchy and tyranny is what many of us are suffering from as a result of liberal and weak leaders!

  2. This is the president who was installed with more troops in D.C. than during the Civil War, with razor wire fences and ghost town military occupation, after the fairest election in the history of elections, this president’s regime now openly admits to serving the Liberal World Order. How is this not treason? Another blatant violation of Oath of Office? I hope the loyal opposition party shall impeach, impeach, impeach, but I KNOW they will not. I’ll vote for them even though it won’t make a difference in my deep blue state out of anger alone. I will NEVER EVER vote for another D again!

    Now for the Dutch farmers, the LWO is literally trying to starve the Dutch people by diktat, now shooting at them, similar to what happened to the truckers in Canada. As Prof. Hansson said, the Greek citizen farmers had to have “military grade” weapons, far more than needed for self-defense, to ensure their freedom.

    And I almost had a heart attack from the celebrations 4th carried over because the LWO took a hit: their creepy depopulation Georgia Guidestones went kaboom! 😀 Only with property rights and Bill of Rights was it tolerated for 40 years, as 40 years in the desert, now that globalist precepts satanic monument is demolished. A great sign for our country. We’re going to win. What would the hypocrite leftists say? “It’s understandable! It’s just stones, buildings can be replaced. Give them space for destruction! White supremacy did it!”

    1. Are you beginning to think that Hunter is running certain parts of the presidency? Remember he said, (if you can believe)that his dad asks him for advice, he gives him advice, and his dad follows his advice. After all, Hunter is the “smartest person “Joe has ever known. Is a Biden dynasty coming forth.

      With all that has transpired since yesterday when Hunter was a greeter at the freedom ceremony, one ponders. Now with the death of the former president of Japan, one ponders and ponders and ponders…. Where is the truth? Who stands to profit
      from that horrendous act?

  3. Barbara Humphreys

    Excellent discussion, as expected. As Victor said, the maddening thing about democracy is, if it all goes “pear-shaped”, as our British friends say, the responsible party pays the price. I wouldn’t call it equitable but it is a form of justice, or perhaps just desserts. I am reminded of Pogo: “we have seen the enemy and he is us”.

    As a future topic, gentlemen, I note BoJo’s fall from the top of the mountain and the utter collapse of the Conservatives after one of the largest election victories in UK history. This monumental political dumpster fire provides a roadmap for Republicans in how to turn a November 2022 landslide into a 2024 defeat. Am I confident that the Republicans will learn from watching the Conservatives, who exemplified just about anything but conservatism over BoJo’s reign? My bet is the Grand Old Party will follow the roadmap, “led” by Senators Milk-toast (Mitch) and Small-beer (Lindsey). It’s not about 2022, it’s all about 2024. And that is a terrifying thing if you are a Republican.

    I have this feeling in the pit of my stomach that the American voter may be waking up a generation late to the utter corruption and incompetence of the Federal government and the lack of depth in the Republican camp. I see only a few good people in leadership rolls; they face a mess that took generations to construct. The next few years will tell us a lot about the prospects for fixing it. Thanks to our friends in the UK, we know what failure looks like.

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