The Lethal Wages of Trump Derangement Madness

Victor Davis Hanson // American Greatness

Think about it: For about five years, anything candidate, president-elect, and President Trump said or did, the media, the Left, and progressive popular culture opposed in Pavlovian fashion.

Anything that Trump touched was ridiculed or discredited—regardless of evidence, data, or cogency. The merits of a Trump policy, a Trump assessment, a Trump initiative were irrelevant—given the primordial hatred of the Left of all things Trump: the president, the person, the family. 

Under the reductionist malady of Trump Derangement Syndrome, facts and logic did not matter. Instead, anything not said or done in opposition to Trump empowered the supposed existential Trump threat. Ironically, some of the most deductive and reductionist Trump haters were supposedly professionals, the highly educated, and the self-proclaimed devotees of the Enlightenment. And yet in their uncontrolled aversion and detestation, they suspended all the rules of empiricism, logic, and rationality—and people died as a result.


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6 thoughts on “The Lethal Wages of Trump Derangement Madness”

  1. Have read and/or listened to most all of your postings, articles, and interviews. We are very impressed with your knowledge, clarity, and common sense with regard to the current situation in our country. We truly appreciate your ability to provide historical foundations and references, which is sorely lacking in most people’s minds today.
    We are “rural” people, with college degrees, and now retired. Have owned businesses, worked in both industry and technology companies. Thank you for your work in spreading truth to our citizens.

  2. Vincent Karlewicz

    A thin veneer of darkness has coated just about everything. I say thin because it has little to no substance to it. Time to get out the power pressure washer.

  3. God has gifted you. Your words are powerful. As a mother of 6 very successful “flaming liberals,” I become depressed at times. Am thankful for your essays. They prove to me that I’m not crazy.

    Will buy the audio version of “The Dying Citizen.”

  4. Trump Derangement is just the latest in an escalating pattern of outrage, intolerance, and ridicule I have seen vomited-out at every Republican President (and Republican candidate) in my 64 years. (No memory of Ike). Goldwater was an extremest who would start WW3. (remember the “daisy ad). No need to rehash Nixon who they brought down after he had won 49 states. Reagan was like Goldwater, dumb, and then too old. War hero Bush Sr was a wimp. Dole was a career politician who was too old and out of touch. Bush Jr was a dumb frat boy living off the family name, 9-11, and later a war-monger. McCain did not have the temperament or judgement for the job. Romney was going to put black Americans “back in chains”. And then Trump……
    If I were a little older I might remember a lie about Ike.
    THANK YOU for fighting the good fight!

    1. Much of your comment was right, but you failed to adequately describe Bob Dole. He might have been in politics for much of his life, but he was not the typical career politician that one often sees today.
      I won’t go into his life in a bunch of detail, save for the one biggest thing, that looms over his entire life, and forever makes us beholden to him. His military service, during which he was hit in both his back and his arm with German machine gun fire, causing him to have lasting effects until this day, with no use of his right arm.
      He is still living, at the age of 97, although recently having been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, and so his days on earth are numbered, both due to his age and his illness.
      Myself, I do believe that he would have made a very good president, due to the fact that in his years of public office, he actually DID something, rather than just going along for the ride. Funny how with our current president, we would like it if he instead did nothing, in order to keep from screwing up more than he already has.

  5. On Monday, June 7th, you appeared on the Ingram Angle.

    You made a grammatical error.

    I always enjoy your wisdom.

    You said, “for I.”
    Should have been, “for me.”

    Object of the preposition “for” calls for the “objective case.”

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