The Legacy of Woke: Destroyed Brands and Privileged Victims

Listen in to Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler as they discuss Haley/DeSantis strategy, SCOTUS strike down of Jack Smith requests and Biden loan forgiveness, how the Left destroyed any university, company, movie and brand that took it up, and the history of Republican and Democrat.

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10 thoughts on “The Legacy of Woke: Destroyed Brands and Privileged Victims”

  1. For those of us who still believe in the rule of law and the importance of our Constitution, we cannot continue to support the man who has directly talked of suspending the Constitution, purge the gov’t of workers to install loyalists, promises “retribution” vs critics, and on and on.
    When someone shows you who they really are, believe them. For those of us on the right, to ignore the clear and consistent statements mirroring past and present dictators, will be something we will rue the loss of the heart of our party.

    1. Yes, Joe Biden and the Democrat party have exhibited unparralled corruption and are nearing a totalitarian dictatorship that should be finalized with another election win.

      All Americans need to recognize the dire democrat dictatorship that needs to be stopped and unite behind whomever the Republican party nominates.

    2. Classic victim of the DeSantis op. GW Bush is laughing at splitting the base in order to deny Trump – victim of a police state coup and soviet-style persecution- his return. To ignore ACTUAL tyranny right in your face while wrending your garments over a CIA/IC/Uniparty narrative is just plain weak.

  2. Mark,

    So when Donald Trump was being illegally surveilled by the FBI after they had lied to a FISA court, or was impeached twice for either making a perfectly legitimate phone call to a foreign leader concerning aid and looking into Biden family graft, or impeaching him after he had left office that was such a constitutional sham that the Chief Justice politely declined to participate, or has been the subject of four frivolous politically motivated indictments which are obviously intended to punish him personally and remove him from the ballot, or when the Colorado Supreme Court rules without any due process accorded to Donald Trump that he is guilty of insurrection and, ergo, ineligible to be on the ballot, or when the DOJ at the prompting of a national teachers union designated parents as domestic terrorists for protesting at their local school board meetings, or when they locked up grandmothers for being on the Capitol grounds during J6, or when federal courts have given lengthy prison sentences and denied habeas corpus to J6 defendants convicted of parading without a license, or when an FBI SWAT team raided the home of a pro-life activist who was later acquitted of all charges, or placed Peter Navarro in leg irons over a misdemeanour, or just happened to have 100’s of informants swarming around the Capitol during the J6 riot, you were all broken up about the destruction of the rule of law and the advent of the police state?

    1. Hey! You sound like that guy, Victor Davis Hanson! Did you too grow up on a farm and like to read about ancient antiquity!

  3. You seem to be a little more positive about Donald Trump than in previous episodes & a lot more sensible when it comes to the chances of DeSantis & rino Nikki Haley becoming the nominee. As for your continuing struggle with that fellow who insists that it’s the “Democrat” & not the “Democratic” party, you may be correct that “Democratic” is the official name, however, “Democratic” is a misnomer! The accurate name for them is “democRAT”. Donald Trump is our only hope.

  4. Yes, Joe Biden and the Democrat party have exhibted unparalled corruption and are nearing a totalitarian dictatorship that should be finalized with another election win.

    All Americans need to recognize the dire democrat dictatorship that needs to be stopped and unite behind whomever the Republican party nominates.

  5. Oh man, I haven’t listened yet to Mr. Hansen’s show, but regarding the comment above from Mark B., I would like to tell Mark that he has nothing to fear from a Trump Presidency. We have already had one, and it was fabulous.
    What you should be in fear of is a Department of Justice that is literally working with city DA’s trying to imprison a former PRESIDENT before an election. .For Godsakes, THEY RAIDED HIS HOME! THEY SPIED ON HIM! Do you remember the fake RUSSIAGATE LIE? The impeachments? Are you really this dumb? Getting paid? Or an actual future recipient of Trumps “retribution”? You actually sound like you listen to a lot of cable news. Stop falling for the Trump is a dictator propaganda. ITS A LIE, and you have been brainwashed. Congratulations, it looks like it was easy.
    I pray every day that the Department of Justice will be broken apart into a million pieces and put back together again. Justice must be blind to politics Mark.
    And you really should worry more about what the Intelligence Community is doing to this country and what a second term of Biden would do, than what Trump might say that you don’t like. You better pray that a REPUBLICAN- any republican wins in 2024!

  6. On transvestites (claimed or actual) taking over women’s sports, it is the latter who gave the former the most support to replace women. To my way of thinking, that clearly places the responsibility to correct this anomaly in the hands of the perpetrators who gave comfort and support to these men and thereby created the perverse reversal of female athletic fortune.

    1. There are a few ways to correct transvestite allowance in sports:

      1. Declare that transvestites are not allowed to participate in their deranged wishes. But this requires officials to reason properly.

      2. Encourage more transvestite incursion as this will result in quantifiable male dominance so that the American population rises up to eliminate this practice. But this solution requires that the American people to be able to reason properly.

      3. Eliminate gender classifications altogether for sports. Make sport team participation based soley upon merit. This will result in reducing the number of sport teams to fund by about 50% and save the taxpayer money. Males will dominate sports and female participation will be reduced or eliminated so that females will seek other hobbies to participate in. This will stir up the American people to return to DNA-gendered sports. But this solution requires the American people to be able to reason properly.

      4. Repent from sin and turn to Christ. This will result in the American people to be able to reason properly and enforce DNA-gendered sports.

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