The Left’s Manufactured Reality

In this episode, Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler analyze Chicago’s residents’ outcry against illegal immigrants, transgendered arguments, FBI’s leaders not so far from the rank-and-file, distortion of truth called “conspiracy theories,” and thoughts on funding the war in Ukraine and the new rules of proxy wars.

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12 thoughts on “The Left's Manufactured Reality”

  1. I organized a weekly walk in my area. I am always on the lookout for new places for us to see from the ground, not the highway. An area was brought to my attention today which was devastated by insect infestation several years ago. This is what they did about it. Would you please pass it on to Gov. Newsome: “The Gertrude E. Cornish Forest is a town forest located in Norton, Massachusetts. It is also known as the Town Forest and is adjacent to the Lincoln Woods Conservation Area. The forest spans over 20 acres and is used by residents for walking, horseback riding, and camping by local scout groups 1. The forest is home to several vernal pools that host amphibian and reptile species, and other wildlife such as deer are abundant 1. Decades ago, these forests were actively managed for timber and contain areas with planted red pine trees. In 2012, the town had a timber harvest on a few sections of the two properties to remove the dead wood and to thin the canopy of the pine stands to promote regeneration of native tree species and growth of commercially valuable timber 1. The town conservation agent, Jennifer Carlino, turned this unfortunate circumstance into an opportunity to resume forest management on the property. The educational materials explained that forestry reduces safety hazards, provides opportunities for carbon storage, and creates space for young trees to grow and for mature trees to become more valuable.”

  2. Nathan K. Churchill

    In this age of MSM “newspeak,” political chaos, a bumbling, demented POTUS, and WOKE ideology
    invading our media, schools, churches, cultural and economic institutions and government, Victor Davis Hanson has become a guiding light, a voice of wisdom and understanding for millions of Americans., both conservative and liberal. His is authentic scholarship as one of the foremost
    American historians and analysts of our time. And with his perspective as a 5th generation farmer
    from the heartland of our country and a classicist with the knowledge and perspective of Western
    Civilization going back to ancient Greece and before, his voice during these perilous times is
    illuminating, invaluable, and irreplaceable. Victor Davis Hanson’s brilliance may only be matched
    by his humility. He does not judge or overwhelm us with his intellectual superiority. He is our teacher, our professor, our sage and mentor during these troubling days.

  3. This is the first time I’ve disagreed with VDH. I like Bongino’s take on politicians, they are our tool to get our ideas through. Maybe Gaetz won’t get a better speaker but maybe just maybe the next speaker will take seriously and make moves to close the border and get spending cuts. If they don’t use the leverage of the purse strings and just give in to CR’s and omnibus’ they don’t help us. I thought his arguments before Congress were very good. Congress are criminals spending 2 trillion more than we take in, little else will matter if not addressed. Love VDH’s farming takes because I’m a small organic pear farmer in Cali and I think the government will soon be after our water and that will spell the end.

  4. I always appreciate when you two bring up the incredibly misogynistic aspects of the new trans ideology that is so pervasive. Recently, I was working for an increasingly radical public health agency in Minneapolis. I resigned from my position there, as it was going off the deep end with woke ideology, and I could no longer support the mission. Last week, I met up with a former colleague who shares some of my concerns; she said that the agency sent her to a week-long sexual health conference where some disturbing things took place. During the conference, all of the restrooms were changed to “gender neutral,” but they all had stalls, so she said that it wouldn’t be uncommon for her to walk in on a man with his genitalia out or for her to be in a stall feeling uncomfortable, because she was the only female with multiple men standing feet away from her with their pants unzipped…She also said that although it was not explicitly stated, the use of the word “woman” was NOT to be used. The preferred term was “person with a uterus.” However, all of that went out the window when referring to a “trans woman,” of course. That term was used often and celebrated. And on top of it, that lovely little $4,000 “educational” excursion was funded by Minnesota tax payers.

  5. Ukraine-Russia War Notes

    1. Long history of border disputes

    2. Crimea was Russian from 1783-1954

    3. Ukraine announced separation from Russia in 1989-1991

    4. Crimea was an independent republic from 1989-1991? and was not a part of Ukraine or Russia

    5. Ukraine took control of Crimea in 1989-1991?

    6. Western Ukraine was a part of Poland till 1939 before Stalin took it during WWII & not give it back after the war was over.

    7. East Prussia with 13 million Germans was given to Poland after the defeat of the Nazis

  6. Ukraine-Russia War Notes

    1. Proxy war protocol maintains that sponsoring countries are not to give their proxy weapons that are used to strike the other sponsoring country in its homeland

    2. Ukraine government has interfrred with USA politics for the last decade as in 2016 when a Ukrainian ambassador wrote an Op-Ed to encourage Americans to vote for Hillary Clinton

    3. Hillary Clinton and her Steele dossier had Ukrainian influence

    4. Lt Col Vinman was the true source for complaining about Trump’s phone call that sparked his impeach proceedings thought that Trump was delaying weapons to Ukraine and wanted to hurt him.

    5. Lt Col Vinman was offered the position of Minister of Defense in Ukraine and today serves as an arms merchant

    6. Ukraine government had knowledge of the Biden Family influence peddling and subsequent compromise

    7. Ukraine holds no government elections during at this time during war

    8. Ukraine Defense Ministers fired for skimming foreign aid money and selling military draft deferments


  7. Ukraine-Russia War Notes

    1. Caualty statistics not reported in American media

    2. There is an estimated 500,000 to 700,000 wounded, dead, and missing

    3. About 200,000 Russians and more than 100,000 Ukrainians are dead

    4. The spring offensive for Ukraine was forcasted to be successful despite formidible Russian defense, subsequently Ukraine is not winning

    5. American narrative is that negotiating a settlement with Russia rewards Putin

    6. NATO will not be motivated to fight for Donbas’ border if Ukraine become a member

    7. American Left seems motivated to promote this war as its failue to establish Russian Collusion with Trump through Robert Mueller and Russian disinformation with Hunter Biden’s laptop have been failures.

    8. American Left has appease Russia with Hillary Clinton’s reset in 2009 an Barak Obama’s cancellation of a missle defense in exchange for space prior to his upcoming reelection in 2012 have contributed to Russia’s takeover of Crimea.

    9. USA policy has not been to reestablish Ukraines borders under Obama, Trump, and Biden until February 24, 2022 to reaquire disputed border lands in Crimea.

  8. Ukraine-Russian War

    1. Crimea was Russian from 1783-1954

    2. Ukraine took over Crimea, an independent republic, in 1989-1991

    3. Crimea and Donbas have 70% Russian speaking people

  9. Ukraine-Russia War

    1. Russia has the ability to fight Ukraine as it has 105 to 115 million more people, 30 times more land, 10 times more GDP, and 7,000 nuclear weapons.

    2. Russian advantages may make it too costly to fight.

    3. Crimea and the Donbas have 70% of its people speaking Russian.

    4. War could be resolved if the people of Crimea and Donbas are able to vote for which country that they want to belong to.

  10. Ukraine-Russian war has garnered stronger alliances for Russia as Iran, Turkey, North Korea, China, and India seem to favor Russia.

  11. You said something along the lines of ‘How can we escape a legal system that is so entrenched in a tangled moral hierarchy.’ I think you were making the point that we are so far down this path there is no way to back track or to see a way out.

    This made me think, there is a way out; those in power have to refuse to enforce a perverted law. The only way out I can see is if those who are in charge of carrying out justice refuse to entertain accusations of offending racial or gender constructs.

    It certainly would take a leader with a strong constitution for ridicule to be able to stand up to entire system of corrupt values.

    Pardon me for my vague recollection of your quote… I was mulling this over for a few days so I can’t be sure I even have the correct episode. Thank you for the podcasts, the world is a richer place for your wisdom.

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