The Left from China to California

Victor Davis Hanson and Jack Fowler discuss China’s lockdowns and China’s view of Taiwan given the Ukraine war, Project Veritas’ revelations of the Left, California’s 32-hour work week bill, and blackbirds.

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10 thoughts on “The Left from China to California”

  1. It all goes back to Obama. We had this piece of crap posing as president for eight years. You voted for this cretin.

    1. Amen. BUT I and everyone I know (!), sure as hell, did not vote for this misfit nor for his sock-puppet successor in 2020.
      This will not end well, folks. Enjoy it while it lasts.


      No, it goes back much, much further than just the Obama administration. This is simply the latest development in the process to convert a constitutional federal republic, with a small federal government, into a state with a large central government whose reach into the individual’s life is almost total, with an accompanying loss of liberty. It’s been underway since those ideas were brought back from Germany by American academics, in the last decades of the 19th century.

  2. I wonder even now that China worries about stealing such a small Island as Taiwan…is their pride that important? And the Solomon Islands…why are they so wound up about projecting power. I know Proverbs in the Old Testament says “Pride is at the Center of All Contention” but really? They seem to have so much to lose and already have so much in such a huge land mass. This is crazy!

    1. It’s deeply rooted in the elites’ mindset that China is at the center of the world and is the only legitimate human government. For them to allow even a tiny (and very lucrative! ) sliver of their traditional territory to become independent threatens a paradigm that goes back to origins of the Chinese elite.

  3. In my opinion, surface fleets are maybe even now an anachronism…belonging only in a prior age. Submarines…are they yet the only way to project “real” power at sea? I wish Ukraine had just 3 or 4 submarines to scare the Trashy Russians! Why hasn’t Ukraine bought all these weapons the last 10 years? Tanks and Armoured troop carriers in East Ukraine…I pray God the switch blade munitions and drones directing Howitzer fire make them obsolete! Damn Putin and his supporters into hell! I hate to say that but I am so hurting for Ukraine’s sake!! God help them!!


      “Why hasn’t Ukraine bought all these weapons the last 10 years? ”
      They trusted to much in the idea that having given up their nuclear weapons, and that we and NATO made overtures to bring Ukraine into the alliance and into Western community, that they wouldn’t need those weapons. It was a calamitous failure of judgement, of course.

  4. I had mentioned submarines earlier…I read a few years ago someone suggest we should take older submarines and use them to input entire companies (dispersed of course) of our special operators into an enemy’s territory. Then our other submarines could (offshore) send in precision munitions and absolutely destroy an enemy…negating the need for an Aircraft Carrier (another anachronism)? I can imagine our submarines surfacing according to an algorithm (timing wise) to sync with our special operators and just wreaking havoc on the enemy. Why doesn’t our navy think this way?

  5. Dan Dubberly, MD

    Mr Hanson,
    As Quiscalus quiscula (the common grackle) rain feces from the canopy of the trees in Corpus Christi, Texas, they spread enteropathogenic bacteria generously over our beautiful city and countryside. I dare not whisk away the feces from my car. I cannot leave an unprotected dog food bowl outside without risk of contagion when I clean up. They congregate at dusk on telephone lines to make the use of sidewalks a risky business.
    Campylobacter, Salmonella, enterotoxic E. coli have all been found in these feces-loving birds. I have treated many patients with disabling diarrhea from this foul fowl, especially in the summer.
    There is no solution in site. The grackles have air superiority.

    Dan Dubberly, MD

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