The Known and Unknown

Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler on Biden’s Christmas speech, Jan 6 Committee findings, the omnibus spending bill that didn’t have to be, the symbolism of “red”, and strategic nuclear weapons and the war in Ukraine.

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11 thoughts on “The Known and Unknown”

  1. Theodore Gregoire

    Hey Team Blade of Perseus, thanks for what you’re doing, it’s excellent. Please keep up the good work.

    Is there any chance of adding a playback speed feature, to enable listening at 1.5x or more? I’m sure that you’re well aware that our brains are able to process audio at a much faster rate than, maybe 150-words per minute at which you’re talking?

    I don’t always have time to carve out an hour+ to catch the excellent thoughts. Thank you!

    1. You can download the podcast as an mp3 and then use Windows Media Player or other programs to increase or decrease the play speed of the file.

  2. Victor should do a book on world war 1 and the time between the 2 wars, the highlight of my week is listening to the podcasts, when I get a new computer in the new year, I will become a subscriber with my credit card

  3. Still smarting from the disappointing mid-term election results. What should’ve been a “red tsunami” by all indication and reason, instead ended up being just a slosh around the ankles. I don’t think we’ve seen a greater political anti-climax since “Dewey Defeats Truman.”

    If Republicans couldn’t win under the current chronic conditions – runaway inflation, rampant crime, an open border, etc. – then when will they ever be able to win?

    I was hopeful that some good could be done with the incoming House majority. But that has now been ruined after watching the House republicans get played for chumps and Mitch McConnell’s disgraceful collaborative performance. It’s as if Nancy Pelosi is still charge and the election was just a farce.

    Does anyone remember Hugo Chavez’ s chilling reminder “Por Ahora”?

    The globalist forces that want cheap labor and who are in bed with the brutally totalitarian CCP and the far-left of our country are wealthy beyond belief and have their tentacles spread far and wide in our government and society.

    It pains me to say it: Government of the people, by the people, and for the people is perishing before our eyes.

  4. Is there truth to recent commentary in conservative circles that American munitions supplies are not sufficient for even a limited military engagement? And if so do we even have viable military choices?
    America’s supplies to Ukraine are not audited but given Cart Blanche. How much of our largess is stolen by a notoriously corrupt country and how much finds its way back to corrupt America power centers?

    1. What you’re hearing is propaganda. We are significantly depleting certain types of weapons (like Javalins) while others remain untouched. Support for Ukraine comes mostly from a bipartisan Congress. Biden has been extremely slow to support Ukraine and drags his feet at every opportunity. Former Soviet countries do struggle with different levels of corruption. Russian influence contributes to that corruption just as Western influence mitigates it. Much of our spending 0n Ukraine goes towards replacing the material we’ve given them. As the Hudson Group’s report demonstrates, the level of scrutiny aid to Ukraine receives is higher than it was for Afghanistan or Iraq. Take whatever position you think best on Ukraine, but beware of fellow Republicans who recycle Putinist or even simply Orbinist propaganda to gin up support for their neo-isolationist agenda.

  5. In regards to the column Jack referenced about how the Republicans went “red”, I think that there was another cultural zeitgeist that you’re missing: “The Matrix” movie. The infamous scene where the main character is given a choice between a blue pill that grants you ignorance, or a red pill that wakes you from the matrix. It became an allegory for millions that “woke up” to the political reality around them. Maybe it’s a generation gap thing, but most under 45 see this scenario as the explanation or manifestation of the red equals conservative thing.


    I’m glad that you two mentioned that the current condition of our federal government did not occur overnight. It didn’t start with Obama, either. It’s merely the latest stage in a development that has taken place ever since the ideas that birthed the progressive movement were brought back to the US by American academics studying in Germany in the 1880s and 1890s. Those ideas have intellectual DNA that reaches back to the Jacobin phase of the French Revolution. They are Statist, in that they place the State above the individual. And by nature, they are anti-liberty, and totalitarian.
    The process has been underway, sometimes faster, sometimes slower or even temporarily stopped. But it has been underway nevertheless.
    And fixing it is not simply a matter of breaking up the FBI or any other federal agency. Those are merely the first surgeries in a process that must eventually turn a society that has become childish, willing to give up its natural rights for the maternal dictatorship of a Huxleyan state, back into a society of self-reliant adults. And that is a tall order.
    We might be too far gone at this point.

  7. The Known….Trump and Musk quit their day jobs to fight for America

    The Unknown….why are we commenting here, instead on Twitter? Do we care about winning, or just want to whine?

  8. Richard J Borlik

    When will the Republicans finally dump the dead fish known as Mitch McConnell? His so called “vast senatorial experience” had led only to the re-referral of the GOP to the “government opposition party” as it was cynically called in the 1970’s. But then that only recounting the last 15 or 30 terms in which he was the leader in the senate. What a piss-poor leader he is! But then I bet he has so many contacts with the war lovers and hawks in industry, that any detractors of his are soon assuaged by liberal grease-palming. And who cares if our great great great great great grandkids have to pay for our amoral excesses built into one omnibus after another? We’ll all be dead or speaking sino-russki by then. His murmurring comment “well it’s not perfect but it’s a strong bill” brought chills to the spines of citizen-lemmings everywhere. (stoopid son of a mitch…)

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