The Justice Challenge: Trump v. Hunter

Listen to Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler discuss the recent news on the Trump verdict, the opening days of Hunter Biden’s trial, Caitlyn Clark fending off opposing players, and the streets of Paris.

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7 thoughts on “The Justice Challenge: Trump v. Hunter”

  1. OMG! If I were to re-title this episode I would call “Full of everything “. Prof. VDH is unleashed after being bottled up for 2 weeks. Thank you, sir, and Jack for the most breathtaking show ever.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed today’s podcast….especially your enthusiasm! I wish that President Trump and other Republican politicians would listen to your podcasts and glean from your wisdom! I have heard you say that you know your limitations and would not want to be in politics. But I think that you would make a wonderful adviser to the President!

  3. Joe Jurkiewicz

    In congress there is a bill going through HR8081 where a convicted felon going to prison cannot have secret service protection thoughts on this Victor.

  4. It is so refreshing to hear the world as it is…
    Thank you for the honest assessment of our world as it is…
    Thank you!

  5. What republican city is going to engage in reciprocal lawfare? Are there any republican cities? My hometown could probably field a jury that might convict, but I doubt it has the budget.

  6. So glad you’re back Victor! I’m sure it’s safe to say we missed you too-hugely. Every single day there seems to be some threat looming – these r lunatic times. U cover everything: political, cultural, historical – and the way you mimic the voice of Big State is spot on – catches their sanctimonious tone perfectly-and yet your delivery is pleasingly informal, never affected; always conversational. Despite the colossal wisdom you share with us, you never make me feel stupid-when ever you dwell on history-ancient or modern-i feel alot smarter (i am increasing struck by all the historical parallels-very eerie. I was born on the high plains of north central montana, schooled in Switzerland because in the ‘60s my parents saw the rot setting in the public schools. Came back when I was 20, went to Hillsdale for a year, went back to Switz, ended up in London raised my family there (married a Greek Cypriot) then ended up in Cyprus as a resident. Your lyrical descriptions of farming resonate with me, your political analysis and commentary true as the North Star (proud 2 say I’ve been calling them Jacobins ever since Corona 🤓) my mother thought you were 2nd to none. I used to come across ur pieces in the mainstream press-always a treat. But now the podcast – its a godsend. I have wanted for some time to write and thank you, Jack and Sami. What a tremendous service you are doing for us! Good bless and God speed.

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