The Heart of Not-So-Blind Justice

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler in an examination of transgendered advertising and agendas, whistleblower testimony and Left terror tactics, and dementia and other debilitating conditions among our politicians.

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6 thoughts on “The Heart of Not-So-Blind Justice”

  1. Dear Dr. Hanson,
    I’ve been reading your books and listening to your podcasts since Mexifornia was published in 2003. I’m curious about your argument that the majority of transitions today are male to female. These transitions certainly dominate the recent headlines, but Abigail Shrier writes in her book, Irreversible Damage, The Transgender Craze Seducing our Daughters, that in around 2015–2018, clinicians “reported a dramatic shift in the demographics of those presenting with gender dysphoria–from predominantly preschool-aged boys to predominately adolescent girls.” She states that biological women account for 70% of transgender surgeries. I’m not an expert on the topic, but the fact that two of my nieces have transitioned (and none of my nephews) adds anecdotal evidence. Thanks for your insightful commentary–three times a week!

  2. Victor listed what he finds harmful with the transgender movement as it damages children physically, usurps women’s participation in fashion and sports, detracts from serious national issues, alienates military enlistment, and signifies civilizational decline. Yet none of these consequences are inherently wrong if there is no moral standard in the universe.

    What he doesn’t say is that transgenderism violates an absolute moral standard that men are to look like men and women are to look like women and the distinction is not to be lost by dressing like the opposite gender. God created human beings as two distinct genders, male and female, and that distinction is to be maintained. (Deuteronomy 22:5, Genesis 1:27)

    Victor mentions that the Dodgers promoted transgenderism because it wanted to please activists, increase corporate popularity, make money, and have contempt for religion. This contempt for religion may be understood as a contempt for God. Transgenderism is one way to hate God and defy him. (Romans 1:28-32)

  3. All of these egregious acts took place under the control, urging, collusion and approval of the Republican leadership led by McConnell & Ryan. Everyone knew Russian collusion was a joke but it served as an excuse to conduct a search with unlimited time, scope & budget led exclusively by 30 rabidly partisan Democrat prosecuters with a mission to find something to force Trump’s resignation. They all assumed the orange-haired, clown tie wearing, multiple divorced & bankrupted casino & beauty pageant owning uilder with his name in giant gold letters on everything he owned would have committed tax fraud. To everyone’s astonishment he hadn’t.
    Who screamed red-faced that Carlson had to go, McConnell & Schumer. Nothing will be done until the R senate leadership is demoted or out of office.

    1. Does anyone remember the 1953 film From Here to Eternity? In one of the ending scenes the new commanding officer, Captain Ross, restores order and justice to the troubled command he has inherited.

      Capt. Ross: “Get rid of those sergent (boxing trophies and photos). From now on no man will have to box to earn his stripes in this outfit.”

      Sgt. Warden: “Will there be anything else, sir.”

      Capt. Ross: “Yes. Tell Sergent Galovitch he’s now Private Galovitch.

      Sgt. Warden: “Yes, sir.”

      Capt. Ross: “That’ll be all sergent.

      Sgt. Warden: “May I say, sir, that the company commander has made a very decision, sir.”

      I was hoping that Durham’s special counsel, or the new Republican House majority, or the mainstream media, or the countless whistleblowers that are risking their careers to testify before congress,, could have somehow given us a Captain Ross moment of moral clarity and justice.

      Sadly, I’m still waiting.

  4. Robert J Sprekelmeyer

    Hillary Clinton used an illegal server and did not use an authorized Department of State computer server. Hillary Clinton was the Secretary of State appointed by Barrack Obama. Hillary Clinton during her tenure as Secretary of State communicated with Barrack Obama using an illegal server. No person may contact the POTUS without being “White Listed” by POTUS (White Listed is the opposite of black listed). POTUS knew his Secretary of State was using a private server in violation of law. The unlawful attacks on Donald Trump were a means of protecting Barrack Obama. Barrack Obama was the only person whose criminality had to be masked. Tarmac meeting was to make clear who had to be protected at all costs.

  5. no doubt present circumstances force every American to pay attention ..

    the ‘water’ in which you reside simmers to a boil & the clarion call summons the ‘frogs’ ..

    unprecedented ineptitude & abject corruption permeates government from the precinct to the Oval Office ..

    crippling inflation crushes the everyman’s pursuit of happiness rendering him hand to mouth ..

    nonexistent borders evaporate U.S. sovereignty pursuant to third world nation status ..

    fear & uncertainty eviscerate any semblance of trust heretofore a given with our medical system ..

    criminal indifference towards the legitimacy of our election process from both major parties accelerates the descent into banana republic demise ..

    we ALL now find ourselves ‘the chosen’ called to attention ..
    not for martyrdom nor sainthood …

    but simply for focused engagement holding those entrusted with power to account for the current predicament ..

    no longer blindly content with the intentional destruction of the American dream

    on the field & in the fray 🇺🇸

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