The GOP Nominee Race Takes Shape After New Hampshire and Other News

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc to discuss the news of the week: campaign trail notes and questions, Supreme Court ruling allows federal agents subvert border defenses, our universities plagued by anti-Semitism and greedy professors, and are we at war with Iran?

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9 thoughts on “The GOP Nominee Race Takes Shape After New Hampshire and Other News”


    When the Supreme Court’s decision was announced, I wondered if Governor Abbott would reply paraphrasing Andrew Jackson: “They’ve made their decision. Now let ’em enforce it!”


    @51:40 Right the second time, Professor-the simple past of “sink” is “sank”, not “sunk”. Though it seems to be getting more common in colloquial American English. “run” is undergoing a similar development, except that the simple past is replacing the past. I hear people say, “I have ran”. Mostly people from the South and the Southwest.


    Didn’t Rush, and his audience, take the epithet “low information voters” that progressives meant as an insult, and turn it right back at them?
    I find that most progressives have no understanding of irony, or a true sense of humor, and they probably still don’t get it.

    1. As a youngster growing up in Havana, I was exposed to the communist dialectic propaganda. Later in life, as a young ROTC instructor at California State Fullerton, I clearly recognized the trends in campus. Everyone I expressed feelings “deja vu” never took me seriously. What a relief! I wasn’t going crazy after all.

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