The Genesis of Protests, Pandemics, and Good Journalism

In this episode, Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc discuss the Israel-Gaza war and pro-Palestinian protestors, US taxpayers funding gain-of-function research, why cold water is now healthy, Chief’s kicker celebrates motherhood, and Justice Alito wrongly accused by the Left, and Rufo, Kelly and Berenson, the best of journalism.

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7 thoughts on “The Genesis of Protests, Pandemics, and Good Journalism”

  1. Charles Carroll

    If President Biden was successfully impeached, Kamala Harris would become President. Pyrrhic Victory? If done at all, it should be after the election, if President Trump wins.

    Why doesn’t the Administration care about the American hostages? Because they are all Jews. The Administration does not, in my opinion, see them as Americans; just as Jews.

    Harrison Butker’s mother, Elizabeth, has been a clinical physicist (oncology) at Emory University since 1988. Given that she raised Harrison as a Catholic, and says that she is proud of the man he became, I don’t think either is against women having careers. He graduated from Georgia Tech with a bachelor’s in industrial engineering, so he isn’t ignorant.

    Without Butker, the Chiefs would not even have gotten to the SuperBowl; let alone have won it. He was the NFL’s leading regular season point leader in 2019 with 147. So they are not about to fire him.

  2. Christine41556

    Thank you, Victor, for your wise council!! I share all of your podcasts and Morning Cup on Facebook. I received a signed copy of The End of Everything, too! Thank you for all you do!!

  3. Sammy. Please. He has one first name and one last name and you don’t know either one of them. He has been in the news for several days prior to your massacring his presentation. Please please look at your stuff and get it right before you butcher it again 🙂 we love you, Harrison. Butker.

  4. Victor – Thank you for a much-needed review of key issues.

    It is very important to remember…

    1. Tony Fauci’s lie to the public regarding gain-of-function research sponsored by the US federal government in the lab in Wuhan, China.

    2. Hillary Clinton’s framing of Donald Trump as collaborating with Russia to win the 2016 presidential election.

    3. Former intelligence heads and officials misleading the public regarding the authenticity of Hunter Biden’s self-incriminating laptop to promote the election of Joe Biden.

    4. Democrat politicians and other leftists threatening the Supreme Court justices to sway their decisions.

    5. Joe Biden withholding assistance to Israel and supporting Islamic foes of the United States.

    Your broadcasting these events is of great help to the public.

  5. Victor Notes:

    6. Explaining Mrs. Alito’s upside-down distress indicating flag after being harassed by neighbors.

    7. Democrat’s Open Border purpose is to take political control through illegal alien voting which is up to 25% of illegal aliens who then vote 86% democrat.

    8. Biden’s ten million illegal aliens and include 25,000 to 30,000 Chinese men of military age.

    9. Biden curtailed Trump’s wall and border policies such as stopping catch and release, applying for refugee status in Mexico.

    10. Illegal alien crime committed in the United States and a terrorist threat especially from ISIS.

    11. Donald Trump stymied from building the wall by the federal judiciary, lawsuits, the Pentagon, and a bureaucracy committed to thwarting Trump.

    12. The Left vilifies those who oppose illegal immigration by calling them xenophobes and racists.

    13. Illegal aliens have no background check or medical check.

    14. The majority of votes (70%) are not cast on election day. Mail-in ballots are not signature checked well and can be up to 10 days late. Registration for voting can take place on the day of the election.

    15. Democrats promote illegal aliens so that they vote for things that Americans will not vote for. A book, “Demography is Destiny,” promotes illegal aliens to gain political control.

    16. Lloyd Austin and Mark Milley have hunted for white supremacists in the military and have found no evidence. Meanwhile, military enlistment is down 45,000 soldiers.

  6. Victor Notes –

    17. Facial recognition has led to the incarceration of people who did not enter the Capitol building to vandalize it or attack policemen. Solitary confinement and delayed charges for some.

    18. Democrats lie by claiming 5 policemen died because of the January 6th crowd as they count suicides up to 1 year later and have claimed that officer Sicknik was beaten to death whereas he died of natural causes the day after the riot.

    19. Four Trump supporters died, one may have been trampled or had a heart attack, and one was shot and killed while committing a misdemeanor by going through a broken window in the Capitol.
    The unarmed woman of 95-100 pounds was not stopped earlier by guards and yet shot and killed for her misdemeanor.

    20. Plagiarism by DEI advocates/professors/university officials has been exposed by Rufo. Prominent among the plagiarizers are beneficiaries of DEI, black women.

    21. Berenson reported upon the Covid vaccine side effects caused by the production of spike protein that can stimulate a hyperimmune response.

    Victor – Thank you for valuable information and helping people understand the injustices.

  7. Victor – A transcript of your broadcasts would be useful and memorable.

    People cannot keep up with all the news events but summing them as you have done, leaves the impression that we live in very precarious times.

    My hope is that more people may know what is happening and vote appropriately.

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