The Faustian Bargain

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler to hear about the Biden-Stephanopoulos interview, Kamala Harris the Agnew appointment, California voters their own worse enemy, Biden makes us ask “Is a president necessary?”, and Trump v. Harris.

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6 thoughts on “The Faustian Bargain”

  1. If you want to read about corruption read about the Tea Pot DOME Scandal or the Biden Crime Family. .Nixon’s episode is a kerfuffle in comparison. The contrast you should study is between the media determined to drive Nixon from office,, and the media that revived a corpse and maintained the illusion of life for almost four years. We can hardly blame the corpse and his Adams’s Family members. The culprits here are the conniving members of the media and all who were complicit with them.” What did they know and when did they know it ? “

  2. Another treasure of discussion with VDH & Jack.
    These discussions are national treasures and highly soothing to the sore brought by the Dems/leftists across the Nation.

    Tim is spot on regarding the corrupt media. Without the media the Dems would be little more than ‘community organizers.’

    It would be interesting to listen to a discussion on the extent of the crime of cover-up, the consequential ramifications, the subsequent merit of punishment for hiding the real status of Biden’s utter lack of cognition, and the geopolitical consequence. They went way too far this time and should be given some “time out.”


    See, what is so frustrating about Biden’s personality is that those of us who paid attention all these years KNEW he is a nasty, corrupt, racist, mendacious jerk. It’s been in plain view for 50 years. But there are those who were too naive or too uninterested to notice, those who noticed and chose not to see it, and those who noticed and didn’t care.

    “A republic, madam, if you can keep it.:


    Yes! “Patterns of Force”, Vic! I’ve made the same allusion, though it’s not as good as we might think, because John Gill organized the planet into a copy of Nazi Germany. That takes away from the reference’s effectiveness. That, and not too many people remember the old “Star Trek” anymore.

  5. I wish you could please refrain from referring to the Democrat party, and anyone or anything related to the Democrat party, as “democratic”.
    Democratic is a descriptive term, relating to Democracy.
    Democratic does not describe the Democrat party nor most anyone or anything related to said party.
    It has become so commonplace lately for people to substitute the word democratic in place of Democrat. There is nothing democratic about the Democrat party. Communist and Marxist comes to mind….

  6. Laura G Bulliard

    Wish I had said that, Julie – mis-describing the Democrat party that way has irked me forever!!

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